Sports Information and Media

The sports information and media program is a 42-credit major that prepares you for a career in sports media and/or public relations, including tasks relating to sportswriting, sportscasting and job-rich "sports information" fields, among others.

The diverse curriculum you receive as a sports information and media major will give you a solid foundation for a role within the sports media industry. With Duquesne being positioned as a part of the NCAA Division I and inside a major sports city, we are well equipped to provide you with the knowledge and experiential learning opportunities to succeed in a sports-related field of your choosing. 


Program Information

The Sports Information and Media program is a 42-credit major preparing you for careers in sports media and public relations. Develop skills in sportswriting, sportscasting, and diverse "sports information" fields. Gain a solid foundation for the sports media industry.

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Academic Department




Required Credit Hours



Program Requirements

  • MDIA 140 Media Literacy
  • MDIA 260 Media Design
  • MDIA 465W Media Ethics
  • MDIA 473 Media Law
  • ADPR 243 Public Relations in Strategic Media
  • ADPR 303W Social Media & Digital Marketing
  • JOUR 177 Language for Journalists (0 credits)
  • JOUR 200W Multiplatform Newsroom I
  • JOUR 380 Sports Reporting I: Sportscasting
  • JOUR 381W Sports Reporting II: Sportswriting
  • SPTS 434 Media & Sports
  • SPTS 436 Sports Media Practices
  • 3 media electives

Minor in Sports Information & Media

Although there are some restrictions to whether you can minor in sports information & media if you are a media major, those outside of the media department can easily add this program to their graduation plan as a 18-credit minor.
Professional headshot of Luke Henne, Duquesne student

"There is such a sense of comradery within my program. It feels like everyone knows everyone, and having professors that help to facilitate our growth as both professionals and people makes being a liberal arts student extremely worthwhile."

Luke Henne Sports Information & Media student