Strategic Public Relations and Advertising

As a Strategic Public Relations and Advertising student, you will gain a thorough understanding of the fundamental skills and practices of public relations and advertising along with a theoretical understanding of their cultural importance as the primary means of persuasion in modern life. You will explore the differences, similarities and integration of public relations and advertising, a critical evaluation of industry content, and hands-on production skills. Working alongside a departmental mentor, you will get to choose whether to enhance your skills in either public relations, advertising, or an integrated combination of both.

Through the 36-credit Strategic Public Relations & Advertising program, you will learn how to:

  • Create a wide variety of advertisements for magazines, newspapers and TV.
  • Manage advertising and public relations campaigns.
  • Create campaigns for nonprofit institutions.
  • Plan events.
  • Understand and apply international advertising and public relations media needs.
  • Account for cultural differences and how they impact advertising or public relations.


Program Type

Major, Minor





Required Credit Hours


Courses for the Strategic Public Relations & Advertising major

Students can choose between an Advertising concentration, a PR concentration, or a blend of both.

  • MDIA 140 Media Literacy
  • MDIA 260 Media Design
  • MDIA 465W Media Ethics
  • MDIA 473 Media Law
  • ADPR 220 Advertising in Strategic Media
  • ADPR 340W Writing for Advertising & Copy
  • ADPR 419 Advertising Campaigns, Writing & Production
  • ADPR 422 Advertising Strategies & Case Studies
  • ADPR 467 Media Research Methods
  • MKTG 271 Introduction to Marketing
  • 2 media elective courses
  • ADPR 243 Public Relations in Strategic Media
  • ADPR 410 Public Relations Strategies & Case Studies
  • ADPR 418W Public Relations Campaigns
  • ADPR 467 Media Research Methods
  • JOUR 177 Language for Journalists
  • JOUR 200W Multiplatform Newsroom I
  • MKTG 271 Introduction to Marketing
  • 2 media elective courses

Minor in Strategic PR & Advertising

The 18-credit minor in Strategic Public Relations & Advertising is an option to students outside of the Media department as well as most majors within the Media department. Sports Information & Media majors are not able to minor in Strategic PR & Advertising.