Strategic Public Relations and Advertising

As a strategic public relations and advertising student, you will gain a thorough understanding of the fundamental skills and practices of public relations and advertising along with a theoretical understanding of their cultural importance as the primary means of persuasion in modern life.

You will explore the differences, similarities and integration of public relations and advertising, a critical evaluation of industry content and hands-on production skills. Working alongside a departmental mentor, you will get to choose whether to enhance your skills in public relations, advertising or an integrated combination of both.

Through the 36-credit strategic public relations and advertising program, you will learn how to:

  • Create a wide variety of advertisements for magazines, newspapers and TV.
  • Manage advertising and public relations campaigns.
  • Create campaigns for nonprofit institutions.
  • Plan events.
  • Understand and apply international advertising and public relations media needs.
  • Account for cultural differences and how they impact advertising or public relations.


Program Information

As a strategic public relations and advertising student, gain skills in PR and advertising, understanding their cultural importance as persuasive tools. Explore their differences, integration, evaluate industry content, and develop hands-on production skills. Prepare for a dynamic industry.

Program Type

Major, Minor



Academic Department




Required Credit Hours


Program Requirements

Choose an advertising concentration, a PR concentration or a blend of both.

  • MDIA 140 Media Literacy
  • MDIA 260 Media Design
  • MDIA 465W Media Ethics
  • MDIA 473 Media Law
  • ADPR 220 Advertising in Strategic Media
  • ADPR 340W Writing for Advertising & Copy
  • ADPR 419 Advertising Campaigns, Writing & Production
  • ADPR 422 Advertising Strategies & Case Studies
  • ADPR 467 Media Research Methods
  • MKTG 271 Introduction to Marketing
  • 2 media elective courses
  • ADPR 243 Public Relations in Strategic Media
  • ADPR 410 Public Relations Strategies & Case Studies
  • ADPR 418W Public Relations Campaigns
  • ADPR 467 Media Research Methods
  • JOUR 177 Language for Journalists
  • JOUR 200W Multiplatform Newsroom I
  • MKTG 271 Introduction to Marketing
  • 2 media elective courses
Photo of Alivia Montgomery in graduation gown on the bluff

My Public Relations & Advertising coursework gave me a diverse skill set to take into multiple marketing internships, ranging from ad agencies to other for-profit organizations. These unique experiences helped me land a full-time recruitment marketing job after graduation in my dream city, Austin, TX.

Alivia Montgomery

Minor in Strategic PR & Advertising

The 18-credit minor in strategic public relations and advertising is an option to students outside of the media department as well as most majors within the media department. Sports information and media majors are not able to minor in strategic PR and advertising.