The M.A. in Theology is rooted in Duquesne University's Catholic identity and simultaneously attentive to the University's mission—which includes a commitment to ecumenical and global concerns—as well as attentiveness to the most pressing moral issues of our time. Generous financial aid packages are available.

Learning Outcomes

The curriculum, consisting of required courses, elective courses, and an optional six-credit thesis, will prepare you to: 

  • Demonstrate comprehension of foundational areas of theology - including both Catholic and ecumenical perspectives.
  • Analyze and critically engage both classical and contemporary theological sources.
  • Present an integrated and self-appropriated stance regarding critical questions and issues in theology.
  • Demonstrate general knowledge of selected ecumenical, interreligious, and global perspectives as these inform Christian theological and ethical reflection. 

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Program Information

Catholic theology and rigorous critical inquiry in a setting where we understand that religious questions are real and important, both for you and for the world.



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Required Credit Hours


"The faculty's expertise and knowledge are the program's greatest assets, and they take a genuine interest in the academic and personal lives of their students."

Nicole Powell

Course Offerings

The M.A. in Theology degree program consists of 30 credit hours. All classes are offered online and in-person. Elective offerings will allow you to pursue a degree of specialization as it aligns with your particular goals and interests, either in-person or online.

  • THEO 509 New Testament (3 credit hours)
  • THEO 510 Old Testament / Tanakh (3 credit hours)
  • THEO 508 Foundations of Theology (3 credit hours)
  • Seminar in Historical Christian Thought (3 credit hours)
  • Seminar in Interreligious Dialogue or Comparative Religion (3 credit hours)
  • Additional doctrine course from the following options (3 credits)
    • THEO 520 Christology
    • THEO 3XX/4XX/5XX Doctrine of God
    • THEO 531 Ecclesiology
    • THEO 538 Sacraments
  • Ethics course from the following options (3 credit hours):
    • THEO 541 Theological Ethics
    • THEO 543 Social 
  • Students writing a thesis will complete one elective course below. Students who choose not to write a thesis will complete a second doctrine course from the list included above and two other electives.
  • Thesis Option (6 credits)
    • Students are encouraged to complete an MA thesis. Students will enroll in 6 credit hours while completing their theses. Typically, these credit hours will be completed in sequential semesters.