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Akwasi Opoku-Dakwa has a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Brown University and an MBA from the International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland. Through his experience of managing others, developing his own leadership, and involvement as a leadership trainer at work, he developed an interest in the people side of organizations; specifically, in how the psychology and social context of work influence employee engagement. This interest led him to pursue his PhD in the organization management program at Rutgers in September of 2010.

Akwasi's research examines how society's expectations of corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance affect employees' experience of work and, conversely, how employees contribute to corporate ESG performance.  Akwasi has taught principles of management, human resources, organizational behavior and business ethics at the undergraduate and MBA levels. He is a member of the Social Issues in Management (SIM) division of the Academy of Management, and a member of the Society of Industrial & Organizational Psychology.


  • Ph.D., Organizational Management, Rutgers, 2018
  • M.B.A., International Institute for Management Development, Switzerland, 2004
  • B.Sc., Civil Engineering, Brown University, 1997


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Published Papers

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