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Andrew Simpson's scholarship examines the relationship between cities and academic medical centers in the late twentieth century United States. His first book, The Medical Metropolis: Health Care and Economic Transformation in Pittsburgh and Houston was published in 2019 with the University of Pennsylvania Press. 

Other projects include work on the history of telemedicine, focused especially on the role of NASA, the history of emergency medical services in the United States, and multidisciplinary work examining the relationship between health vocational training, economic opportunity, and health disparities. Simpson has also worked with the Program for Deliberative Democracy to help foster public dialogue around issues of resource allocation in a public health emergency.

At Duquesne, he teaches courses on health care history, urban history, environmental history, state and local history, United States history, and global history. He is a founding member of the Terra Learning Community and is currently the History Department Internship Coordinator.

Prior to attending graduate school, Simpson worked in community development and on political campaigns.


  • Ph.D., History, Carnegie Mellon University
  • M.A., History, American University
  • B.A., History and Conflict Studies, DePauw University

Research Interests or Expertise

Areas of Focus:

  • History of Health Care
  • U.S. History
  • Urban History
  • Policy History
  • Business History
  • Environmental History
  • Rangos Prize, Duquesne University for "Health Inequalities, Professional Preparation, and the Pittsburgh Region: A Multidisciplinary, Community-Engaged Course to Prepare Generation Z for the Future" with Cathleen Appelt and Jessica Devido (Summer 2019)
  • Rangos Prize, Duquesne University for "Interprofessional Roundtables: Innovating Solutions to Contemporary Mental Health Challenges and Social Injustice" with Cathleen Appelt, Meghan Blakowitz, Ann Stuart, Bridget Calhoun, Jordan Covvey, Jessica Devido, Tammy Hughes, Rachel Kallem Whitman, and Tiffany Sizemore
  • Stanley Jackson Prize, Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences
  • Andrew W. Mellon/American Council of Learned Societies Dissertation Completion F'12
  • Richard Harrison Shryock Medal from the American Association for the History of Medicine
  • The Gaultier Community-Engaged Teaching Fellowship
  • The NLM Michael E. DeBakey Fellowship in the History of Medicine
  • HIST 141: Environmental History
  • HIST 141C: Environmental History, Terra Learning Community
  • HIST 151: Shaping of the Modern World
  • HIST 204: The United States Since 1877
  • HIST 222: Flatlined: History and Politics of U.S. Health Care
  • HIST 329: Pennsylvania and the American Nation
  • HIST/POSC 388: The United States Since 1945
  • HIST 470W/570: The History of Urban America
  • HIST 491W: Senior Honors Seminar
  • HIST 499W: Modern America, U.S. History 1929 to the Present
    Independent Study
  • HIST 574: Modern America, U.S. History 1929 to the Present
  • HIST 599: American Environmental History Independent Study
  • HIST 599: Environmental History Independent Study
  • HIST 602: Graduate Research Seminar
  • HIST 612: Contemporary United States
  • The Medical Metropolis: Health Care and Economic Transformation in Pittsburgh and Houston
    (In Press, University of Pennsylvania Press, Fall 2019).
  • "Interagency Cooperation in the Twilight of the Great Society: Telemedicine, NASA, and the Papago Nation" Andrew T. Simpson, Charles R. Doarn, Stephen Garber Journal of Policy History, (accepted for publication).
  • "We Will Gladly Join You in Partnership in Harrisburg or We Will See You in Court: The Growth of Large Not-for-Profits and Consequences of the 'Eds and Meds' Renaissance in the New Pittsburgh," The Journal of Urban History. Volume 42, No. 2, March 2016.
  • "Health and Renaissance: Academic Medicine and the Remaking of Modern Pittsburgh," The Journal of Urban History. Volume 41, No. 1, January 2015.
  • "Transporting Lazarus: Physicians, the State, and the Creation of the Modern Paramedic and Ambulance, 1955-1974," Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences. Volume 68, No. 2, April 2013. Winner of the 2016 Stanley Jackson Prize.
  • Invited Talks (selected)
    "Dr. Michael E. DeBakey and his Influence in the Changing Business of Health Care and the Delivery of American Medicine" National Library of Medicine, 3rd Annual Michael E. DeBakey Lecture in the History of Medicine" (May 2019)
  • "The Echoes of 1968: Examining the National and Local Effects of a Turbulent Year in American History" Duquesne University Alumni Association (June 2018)
  • "Gentrification, Class, and Race: A Screening of East of Liberty" Member of discussion panel about urban change in a Pittsburgh neighborhood. Duquesne University (September 2017)
  • "Healing the Post-Industrial City: Thinking Critically About Academic Medicine and Urban Change" invited talk for Center for Interpretative and Qualitative Research, Duquesne University (November 2016)
  • "Writing Eds and Meds in Pittsburgh: Historical Content and Archival Practice" Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (April 2016)