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April Y. Wade currently serves as the Assistant Director and Tutorial Coordinator for the Michael P. Weber Learning Skills Center and the Robert & Patricia Gussin Spiritan Division of Academic Programs at Duquesne University. She is also an academic strategies instructor and certified life coach, providing customized solutions and action plans to help students overcome obstacles, clarify goals and priorities, and manage life commitments. Ms. Wade is dedicated to supporting and empowering students, engaging them in meaningful dialogue to improve their self-awareness and confidence. She is passionate about identifying and implementing support services essential for academic success.  

Ms. Wade earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the Pennsylvania State University and a master’s degree in Elementary Education from Duquesne University. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in Educational Leadership at Duquesne University with a research focus on improving academic outcomes for educationally disadvantaged students, examining the individual, social, and institutional factors impacting academic success in higher education.

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