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Articles in Journals

  • Rau, S., Nagle, B., & Menk, K. B. (2019). CPA Exam Performance: The Effect of Graduate Education and Accounting Faculty Credentials. CPA Journal
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Published Papers

  • Menk, K. B., Nagle, B. M., & Rau, S. E. (2017). Does Earning a Graduate Degree Impact CPA Exam Performance?. Academy of Business Research Journal, 1, 27.
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Paper Presentations

  • Nagle, B. & Menk, K. B. (2018). Learning by Failing: An Investigation of CPA Exam Performance for Candidates
  • Menk, K. B., Nagle, B. M., & Coss, D. L. (2017). The Disconnect between Tax Laws, Public Opinion, and Taxpayer Compliance: A Study of the Taxation of Gambling Winnings. International Conference for Critical Accounting, New York, New York.
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  • Research: 2017: Craciun, G. & Menk, K. B., SOBA Research Fund, Co-Principal Investigator. Research focuses on understanding factors that influence consumers' decision to use a paid tax preparer.