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Articles in Journals

Rau, S., Nagle, B., & Menk, K. B. (2019). CPA Exam Performance: The Effect of Graduate Education and Accounting Faculty Credentials. CPA Journal

Nagle, B., Menk, K. B., & Rau, S. (2018). Which Accounting Program Characteristics Contribute to CPA Exam Success? A Study of Institutional Factors and Graduate Education. Journal of Accounting Education, 45 , 20-31. doi: 10.1016/j.jaccedu.2018.09.003.

Menk, K. B. (in press, 2017). The Disconnect between Tax Laws, Public Opinion, and Taxpayer Compliance: A Study of the Taxation of Gambling Winnings. International Journal of Critical Accounting.

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Published Papers

Menk, K. B., Nagle, B. M., & Rau, S. E. (2017). Does Earning a Graduate Degree Impact CPA Exam Performance?. Academy of Business Research Journal, 1, 27.

Smith, D. D., Glambosky, M., Gleason, K. C., & Menk, K. B. (2016). Acquisitions and Regulatory Arbitrage by Captive Finance Companies. Journal of Accounting and Finance, 16(6).

Menk, K. B., & Huber, M. (2016). The Role of Ethical Beliefs, Perceptions of Taxation, and Knowledge of Tax Laws on Restaurant Servers' Tip Reporting Intentions. Journal of Accounting, Ethics and Public Policy, 17(4).

Paper Presentations

Nagle, B. & Menk, K. B. (2018). Learning by Failing: An Investigation of CPA Exam Performance for Candidates

Menk, K. B., Nagle, B. M., & Coss, D. L. (2017). The Disconnect between Tax Laws, Public Opinion, and Taxpayer Compliance: A Study of the Taxation of Gambling Winnings. International Conference for Critical Accounting, New York, New York.

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Menk, K. B. (2015, August). Teaching Taxation as a Personal Experience in the Classroom. American Accounting Association, Chicago, Illinois.

Menk, K.B., Coss, D. L., & Coombes, S. M.T.(2014, September). The Entrepreneur's Perception of Competitive Advantage: Does It Lead to Long-Term Profits? 2014 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Entrepreneurial Finance, Los Angeles, California. 


Research: 2017: Craciun, G. & Menk, K. B., SOBA Research Fund, Co-Principal Investigator. Research focuses on understanding factors that influence consumers' decision to use a paid tax preparer.

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