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  • Ph.D., Theology, Boston College, 2008
  • M.A., Theology, Catholic Theological Union, 2004
  • A.B., History, Princeton University, 1998



  • BRDG 100      Can Faith Save the Earth?
  • BRDG 105      Introduction to Ethical Reasoning
  • THEO 143      Global and Cultural Perspectives
  • THEO 185      Climate Change, Resilience, and Sustainability
  • THEO 203W   Hinduism and Buddhism (Writing Intensive)
  • THEO 210      Buddhist-Christian Dialogue
  • IHP 212           Hallows and the Holy: Harry Potter and Theology (Honors College)
  • THEO 540      Comparative Theology (Masters Level)
  • THEO 694      Doctoral Seminar in Ecological Ethics 
Scholarship and Publications
  • Dr. Scheid's research interests are in ecological ethics and comparative theology.
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Recent Conference Presentations

  • "Rethinking Progress Through the Voice of Puerto Ricans." Catholic Theological Society of America, San Juan, Puerto Rico. June 2016.
  • "God at Play in Creation: Resources for Christian Ecological Ethics in Hindu Lila (Play) and Bhoga (Pleasure)," Society of Christian Ethics, Toronto, Canada. January 2016.
  • "Just Sustainability and Its Implications for Cross-Cultural Pedagogy," College Theology Society, Portland, OR. June 2015.
  • "Pope Francis and the First Encyclical on Ecology: Solidarity, The Common Good, and The Preferential Option for the Poor," College Theology Society, Portland, OR. June 2015.
  • "Catholic Common Good, Buddhist Interdependence, and the Practice of Interreligious Ecological Ethics," American Academy of Religion, San Diego, CA. November 2014
  • "Catholic Theology and Catholic Engagement in Contemporary Environmental Issues: A Primer in Catholic Social Teaching," Society of Catholic Social Scientists, Steubenville, OH. October 2013
  • "All My Relations: A Critical Appreciation of Lakota Spirituality for Christian Ecological Ethics," Society of Christian Ethics, Chicago, IL. January 2013
  • "Teaching Comparative Theology from an Institution's Spirituality and Mission: A Spiritan Perspective," Panel participant, American Academy of Religion, Chicago, IL. November 2012.
  • "Alongside Waterfalls: Thomas Berry and the Sacramentality of the Universe," Catholic Theological Society of America, St. Louis, MO. June 2012