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Dr. Buckner earned his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics under Dr. Dale Eric Wurster at the University of Iowa working on compression calorimetry. He has also spent time working in preformulation at Abbott Laboratories and Eli Lilly and Co. He has diverse scientific interests in the areas of solid-state and physical chemistry as they relate to pharmaceuticals. Ongoing projects in his laboratory focus on understanding the varied ways in which pharmaceutical solids respond to mechanical energy during processing.


  • Ph.D., Pharmaceutics, University of Iowa, 2008
  • B.S., Chemistry, Illinois State University, 1999

Research Interests or Expertise

  • Mechanical characterization relevant to pharmaceutical powder compaction
  • Interactive mixing
  • Processing induced instability


Profile Information

  • GPSC 501    Manufacturing Pharmacy
  • GPSC 502    Pharmaceutical Formulation Development
  • GPSC 503    Pharmaceutical Unit Operations and Formulation
  • GPSC 513    Principles of Drug Action, Design and Delivery
  • GPSC 518    Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Solids
  • GPSC 618    Interfacial Phenomena and Rheology
  • GPSC 620    Equilibria and Chemical Kinetics
  • CHEM 598    Special Topics: Materials Characterization
  • PHCE 360    Pharmaceutical Principles and Drug Delivery Systems I
  • PHCE 361    Pharmaceutical Principles and Drug Delivery Systems II
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