Contact Information


Areas of specialization:
         Twentieth Century Continental Philosophy
         Nineteenth Century Continental Philosophy

I taught at the University of Regina (Campion College) and Dickenson College for one year each, then Howard University for 6 years, before moving to the University of Guelph for 19 years, and finally to Duquesne in 2014. From 2007 onwards, I have had many contacts with Duquesne.

I have published three books (on Husserl, Deleuze, and Philosophy of Time) plus one edited book, as well as many articles and book chapters. Many of these papers involve Hegel, but I have also written on Fichte, Heidegger, Bergson, Gadamer, Derrida, Marion, Badiou, and other figures. I frequently work in areas related to the philosophy of time, in relation to a variety of philosophical schools, primarily (but not exclusively) in Continental Philosophy. I am currently working on a new book tentatively called Decisions and Futures.

I am also interested in African and Ancient Egyptian philosophies. And I have philosophical interests in film (particularly special effects editing) and music (particularly serial and spectral music). I play the game of Go, and recommend it to all philosophers. I teach at all levels and have supervised many excellent graduate students.


Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Toronto, 1987

Courses, Advising, Publications, Presentations


Graduate courses:

-Hegel, Science of Logic
-Hegel, Phenomenology of Spirit
-Kant, Critique of Pure Reason
-Deleuze, Difference and Repetition
-Deleuze and Guattari, Anti-Oedipus
-Deleuze, Cinema
-Badiou, Being and Event
-Simultaneity (Philosophy of Time)
-Delay (Philosophy of Time)
-PhD Seminar (Research Methods)
-MA Seminar (Research Methods)             

Fourth Year courses:

-Marion and Current French Phenomenology
-The concept of Event
-Deleuze and Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus
-Existentialist Ethics
-Philosophy of Film: Deleuze and Bergson
-Reading course: Simone de Beauvoir
-Reading course: Kant's ethics

Third Year courses:

-21st Century Philosophy
-20th Century Continental Philosophy
-19th Century Continental Philosophy
-Kant, Critique of Pure Reason
-African Philosophy
-Philosophy of History
-Theory of Knowledge
-Feminist postmodernism
-French Philosophy (Paris Semester Abroad)
-Philosophy and Literature (Paris Semester Abroad)

Second Year courses:

-Philosophy of Language
-Ancient Egyptian Philosophy
-Ancient Greek Philosophy
-Medieval Philosophy
-17th and 18th Century Philosophy
-Philosophy of Law
-Modern Symbolic Logic

First Year courses:

-Basic Philosophical Questions
-Introduction to Philosophy
-Social and Political Philosophy
-Principles of Reasoning
-Representative Thinkers (for Honors students)

Directed reading courses in such topics as Merleau-Ponty, Aristotle's De Anima,
Mysticism, and Classical Ethiopian Philosophy



University of Guelph Faculty Association Distinguished Professorial Teaching Award
        for the College of Arts, 2012

GRADUATE SUPERVISION at University of Guelph:

MA students:
i) career: supervisor, 27
                               second reader, 22
ii) current: supervisor, 1
                               second reader, 3
iii) second reader in other programs (McMaster University): 6

PhD students:
i) career: supervisor, 22
                               second reader, 23
ii) current: supervisor, 8
                               second reader, 2
iii) second/third reader in other programs (Toronto, McMaster, York, Duquesne): 5

Seven PhD students of mine have graduated (1in 2001, 3 in 2003, 1 in 2007, 1 in 2012; 2 in 2014): Three are tenured at good Universities. Two are on contract at smaller Universities. One is teaching in Taiwan. One chose a career in the Canadian diplomatic corps. One is attending law school.

Many of my graduated MA students have done PhD's (or other advanced degrees) at various universities, including The New School for Social Research, Columbia University, University of Toronto, York University, McMaster University, University of Guelph, University of Western Ontario, University of Ottawa, University of Alberta, and Trent University. Others are now filmmakers, diplomats, teachers, publishers, etc.


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Synthesis and Backward Reference in Husserl's Logical Investigations.
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Philosophical Apprenticeships: Contemporary Continental Philosophy in Canada.
        Co-edited with Jason Robinson.
        Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2009.


"On Hegel's Thesis that Religion and Philosophy have the Same Content but Different Form".
        In Irreconcilable Differences, a collection on Philosophy and Theology, ed. Jason
        Robinson and David Peck.
        Pickwick Publications/Wipf and Stick Publishing (Oregon), forthcoming.

"Deleuze's "Power of Decision", Kant's =X, and Husserl's Noema".
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"Do the Arguments for Saturated Phenomena prove that they are Possible or Necessary? Time to Decide".
        In Phenomenology and the Theological Turn, Twenty-seventh Annual Symposium (2009) of the Simon Silverman
        Phenomenology Center,
        pp. 24-47, 2012.

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"Response" to three critical discussion papers on my book, Deleuze and Guattari's Philosophy of
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"Derrida's Solutions to two Problems of Time in Husserl".
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         on Anaximander's Meteorology)".
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TRANSLATIONS from French to English (all with co-translator Olivier Serafinowicz):

"Economy of Violence, Violence of Economy (Derrida and Marx)", by Catherine Malabou. In Lawlor, Leonard and
        Direk Zeynep (editors), Derrida: Critical Assessments (3 volumes). Routledge, 2002, pp. 180-98.

"The Form of an 'I'", by Catherine Malabou.
        Read at a Conference on "Confession" at Villanova University, October 2001.

"History and the Process of Mourning in Hegel and Freud", by Catherine Malabou.
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"Deconstructive and/or 'Plastic' Readings of Hegel", by Catherine Malabou.
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The Temporal Noema of Decisions


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"Future and Future Tense in Deleuze"
         Conference on Deleuze and Pluralism
         Athens Greece, April 2015 to come

"Doubt and Decision in Husserl's Experience and Judgement"
         Keynote workshop: Conference on Husserl and Husserlians
         University of Guelph, April 2014

"Visual Effects Compositing and Phenomenology of Perception"
         Keynote address: Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy,
         Toronto, October 2013.

"Deleuze on the Power of Decision"
         Conference on Deleuze.
         Lisbon, Portugal, July 2013.

Respondent on Paul Livingston's The Politics of Logic: Badiou, Wittgenstein, and the
        Consequences of Formalism.
        SPEP, Rochester, November 2012.

"Do ‘Sheets of the Past' Exist? Deleuze on Time and Cinema... and Radio"
        Keynote address: Conference on Deleuze and the Arts.
        King's College, University of Western Ontario, May 2012.

"Philosophy and Religion: Same Content, Different Form-What does Hegel mean?".
         Conference on Art, Religion, and Philosophy in Hegel, Duquesne University,
        Pittsburgh, February 2010.

"Do the Arguments for Saturated Phenomena prove that they are possible or necessary? Time to Decide".
        Symposium on "Phenomenology and the Theological Turn". Annual Symposium (2-day, 4-person conference)
        of the Silverman Phenomenology Center.
        Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, April 2009.

Respondent at a symposium held on my book, Deleuze and Guattari's Philosophy of History.
        Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy, McMaster University, October 2007.

"Deleuze and Guattari's Comparison of Chess with Go"
         Conference on Deleuze, University of South Carolina, June 2007.

"Teleology and Violence in Hegel's Logic"
         Conference on Hegel and Conflict, York University, Toronto, March 2007.

"What is an Early Text?"
         Conference on Derrida, University of Manitoba, October 2006.

"Why This Now? Deleuze and Guattari on Actual Historical Events"
         Conference on Deleuze, Trent University, May 2004.

"Formal Constraints and the Expression of Feeling: Hegel on Music and Oulipo on Poetry"
         Canadian Philosophical Association, Winnipeg, May 2004.

"Deferral and the Temporal All-at-Once in Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Perception"
         Conference on Merleau-Ponty, University of Guelph, November 2003.

"Contingency and Multiplicity in Hegel's Logic"
         Conference on Hegel and Contingency, University of Guelph, April 2003.

"Pietersma's Reading of Husserl: Transcendence and Historicity"
        Symposium on Henry Pietersma's Phenomenological Epistemology, University of Guelph, October 2002.

"Hegel on Individuality and Desire"
         Conference on Hegel and Desire, Trent University, March 2002.

"Why is there no Category of the City in Hegel's Aesthetics?"
         Conference on Hegel's Aesthetics, University of Toronto, May 2000.

"Deleuze and Quasi-Causality".
         Conference on Deleuze's Logic of Sense, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, November 5-6, 1999.

"Dates and Destiny, Deleuze and Hegel".
         Conference on "The Event", Warwick University, Coventry, England, May 1999.

"In Place of History: Deleuze on the Names of History and the Syntheses of Time".
         Histories of Theory Conference, University of Western Ontario, April 11, 1998.

"The Politics of Absolute Knowing: Reich in s. 808 of Hegel's Phenomenology.
         Conference on Absolute Knowing in Hegel, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario,
         April 23-24, 1998.

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         International Association for Philosophy and Literature, University of South Alabama, Mobile Alabama,
        May 8, 1997.

"Speed, Impact, and Fluidity at the Barrier Between Life and Death: Hegel's Philosophy of Nature".
         Conference on Hegel and Death, University of Guelph, April 18-19, 1997.

Respondant at a Symposium held on my book, Synthesis and Backward Reference in Husserl's
         Logical Investigations.
         Penn State University, State College Pennsylvania, Sept. 1996.

"Leaving the System As is".
         Conference on Derrida's Glas at Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, November 1995.

"Hegel in the Future".
         International Association for Philosophy and Literature, Villanova University, May 1995.

Commentary on paper by Javier Ibanez-Noe ("Nietzsche on the Question of Modernity").
         Canadian Philosophical Association, Calgary, June 10, 1994.

Commentary on papers by Lee Brown ("Arrogance, Intellectual Elitism and Social Harm"),
         Charles Verharen ("Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Universal
         Higher Education") and K. C. Anyanwu ("Foundations of Ethics and Higher Education").
         Conference on Ethics, Higher Education and Social Responsibility, Department of
         Philosophy, Howard University, April 8, 1994.

"Hegel and Ancient Egypt: A Study of Martin Bernal's Black Athena."
        Panel presentation with Martin Bernal.
        Conference on Global and Multicultural Dimensions of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy: Africana,
        Christian, Greek, Jewish, Indigenous and Asian Traditions, Binghamton University, SUNY, October 30. 1993.

"Philosophy and Health Care in the 1990's".
        Interdisciplinary Conference on Culture, Values, and Bioethics, Department of Philosophy, Howard University,
        April 2, 1993.

Commentary on papers by Segun Gbadegesin ("Culture, Values, and Biomedical Ethics") and Philip Drew
        ("The Limits of Paternalism in Medicine").
         Interdisciplinary Conference on Culture, Values, and Bioethics, Department of Philosophy,
        Howard University, Washington DC, April 2, 1993.

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         Washington Philosophy Consortium, March 1992.

"New Interpretations of Plato's Symposium"
         Washington Philosophy Consortium, Spring 1991.

"Aristotle and Intersubjectivity". Chair of session.
         American Philosophical Association, Boston, December 1990.

"Dunamis in Plotinus, Hegel, and Paul Weiss".
         Symposium for Paul Weiss, Washington Philosophy Consortium, October 1989.

"Problems In the Classification of Social Phenomena".
         Philosophical Society for the Study of Sport, Washington D.C., Nov. 1989.

"Husserl's Theory of Parts and Wholes: The Dynamic of Individuating and
        Contextualizing Interpretation -- Ubergehen, Abheben, Erganzungsbedurftigkeit".
        Husserl Circle Conference, Washington University, St. Louis, May 1987.

"Lessing and Goethe: Seeing and Writing on the Laocoon (Synaesthetics, Kinaesthetics, Cinematics)".
        American Society for Aesthetics Conference, Boston University, October 1986.

"Breathless Messages: Phenomenology in Deep Space (A Reading of
        Joseph McElroy's novel Plus, and a Report on Anaximander's Meteorology)".
        International Conference in Phenomenology and Literature,
        University of Toronto, May 1986.

Invited Papers And other Presentations

"The Temporal Noema of Decisions: Sartre Goes on a Diet"
         Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, February 2013.

"Hegel's Analysis of Disjunctive Syllogism", and "Hegel's Logic is About Forms"
         Two presentations read at a panel workshop on Hegel at Duquesne University,
         Pittsburgh, October 2011.

"Simultaneity and Delay"
         Invited paper read at University of Guelph, November 2011.

"Simultaneity in Bergson and Berg"
         Invited paper read at Villanova University, Philadelphia, February 2008.

"Kant, Heidegger, and Deleuze on Simultaneity and Delay"
         Invited paper read at Marquette University, Milwaukee, February 2007.

"Husserl on Simultaneity"
         Invited paper read at Marquette University, Milwaukee, April 2005.

"Moving Backwards Through Time: Mbiti and Derrida"
         Invited paper read at Slippery Rock University, Pennsylvania, October 2004.

"Dates and Destiny, Deleuze and Hegel"
         Invited paper read at Trent University, January 2000, and at McMaster University, April, 2000.

"Gadamer and Cross-Cultural Hermeneutics"
         Invited paper read at Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, January 1998, and at
         the University of Guelph, 1995.

"Hegel and Ancient Egypt"
         Invited paper read at the University of Windsor, Ontario, January 1998.

"Hegel in the Future".
         Invited paper read at McMaster University, 1996, and at York University, 1995.

"Deconstruction and Cultural Hermeneutics".
         Invited paper read at Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, March 24, 1994.

"Memory and Regret in Heidegger and Some Other Thinkers".
         Invited paper read at the University of Ottawa, 1994.

"The Ancient Egyptian Concept of Becoming".
         Faculty Colloquium, Department of Philosophy, Howard University, Sept. 23, 1993.

"Hegel and Ancient Egypt: History and Becoming".
         Invited paper, Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto, March 24, 1993.

Panels on Tolerance, on the Mind-Body Problem and on the Problem of Evil.
         "No Dogs or Philosophers Allowed" (a weekly television program on Arlington
         Cable TV). October, 1994, September, 1993, September and November, 1991.

"Cyberpunk Science Fiction and Philosophies of Human Nature".
         University of Maryland, Department of English, November 1990.

"History and Postmodernism".
         Invited paper read at Skidmore College, March 1990.

"Death and Symmetry in Greenaway's Film Zoo".
         Lecture in Humanities Division Film Series, Howard University, April 1989.

"Plotinus's Doctrine of the Return".
         Faculty Lecture Series, Dept. of Philosophy, Howard University, October 1988.

"Referring Back to Origins".
         Mellon Lecture delivered at Howard University, April 1988.

"Schelling and the Crisis of History".
         Invited paper read at Dickinson College, February 1987.

"Hegel and Husserl on the Dialectics of Perception".
         Philosophy Department Colloquium, University of Toronto, October 1983.

"Phenomenology and Proofs For and Against the Existence of God".
         Invited paper read at Campion College, University of Regina, March 1982