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Ph.D., Medicinal Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh, 2005
Diplomirani Farmaceut, Belgrade University, 1998

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Departments, Centers, and Offices

July 2009–Present
Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics (Tenured 2015)
School of Pharmacy and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Mentor and train students (PhD, MS, PharmD, undergraduate) in drug formulation design, molecular imaging, nanotechnology and pharmaceutics in a laboratory setting
  • Direct MS/PhD research theses
  • Design and synthesize novel drug delivery and imaging agents
  • Innovative approaches to theranostic medicine design from nanocolloids to semisolid dosage forms
  • Design of novel in vitro and in vivo pharmacological tests for nanomedicines in small and large animal models of trauma, neuromusculoskeletal diseases and organ transplantation.
  • Design, development and manufacturing process design for:
    • Pain nanomedicines (inventor of the first inflammatory pain nanomedicine)
    • Nanomedicine and biomaterials for Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation (VCA): molecular imaging and immune cell tracking in rejection, immunomodulation, local drug delivery and tissue/organ preservation)
    • Nanomedicine and biomaterials in regenerative medicine.

May 2011–Present

Founder and Co-Director
Chronic Pain Research Consortium (CPRC), Duquesne University, Pittsburgh PA

The CPRC takes an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to the study of all aspects of chronic pain. . Consortium members are faculty across the Duquesne University campus, representing expertise in neuroscience, biology, pharmacy, nursing, physical therapy, molecular biology, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, neuropharmacology, molecular imaging, and psychology.  Consortium has to date obtained more than 6 million dollars in external funding for research and education with members serving as PIs and/or Co-Is. CPRC held 5 research retreats, regular bimonthly journal club since 2012, and hosted several distinguished speakers in the field. The Consortium has become a locally and nationally recognized group for interdisciplinary and holistic research of pain and chronic pain in varied disciplines, from neuroscience, to education and nanotechnology. It continues to foster and support projects with unique partnerships between health practitioners and scientists.

July 2018–March 2021

ORISE Faculty Fellow, Principal Scientist
AIRMED/RESTOR Program, 59th Medical Wing United States Airforce, USAISR, San Antonio, TX
  • Advise, mentor and train surgical residents and medical fellows at the USAISR
  • Direct research on design and development of nanomedicine for the medical needs of the warfighter and their families
  • Post-trauma and surgical pain therapeutic development
  • Nanomedicine applied to post-surgical care, transplantation and organ preservation in combat casualty care scenarios
  • Coordinate collaborative research between AIRMED program and academic groups.

May 2014–Present

Faculty Member
McGowan Research Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Nanotechnology, drug delivery and imaging systems development applied to regenerative medicine.
  • Inflammation and pain therapeutic and diagnostic strategies in regeneration, transplantation and surgical recovery.
  • Monitoring/treatment of rejection with nanotechnology and localized immunosupression delivery systems.

July 2009–June 2015

Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics
School of Pharmacy and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA

July 2009–December 2011
Visiting Scientist
Department of Biological Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA
  • Formulate and assess in vitro multimodal biosensor /19F MRI reagents for tracking therapeutic cells and immunotherapy

October 2008–July 2009

Director of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Celsense Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
  • Designed, synthesized and formulated the first Phase I clinical 19F MRI reagent for monitoring immunotherapeutic cells in humans
  • Designed and formulated preclinical grade 19F MRI reagents for quantification of inflammation
  • Transferred technology from academic to industrial laboratories
  • Coordinated team efforts in producing MRI reagents for pre-clinical and clinical use
  • Coordinated team efforts in analytical chemistry development for evaluating MRI reagents
  • Consulted on biological in vitro assay development for testing MRI reagents
  • Trained formulation scientists in microfluidization nanoreagent production


Senior Research Scientist
Celsense Inc., Pittsburgh, PA
  • Designed, synthesized, formulated and biologically evaluated novel MRI reagents
  • Designed and formulated several novel MRI reagents currently under development towards commercialization
  • Developed analytical assay for MRI reagents
  • Processed data and evaluated protocol for scale up, analysis and follow up of novel MRI reagents produced in industrial setting
  • Trained research biologists in evaluation of MRI reagents


Research Biologist
Department of Biological Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA
  • Designed, synthesized and formulated novel in vivo MRI contrast reagents and tracers for in vivo cell tracking
  • Designed, synthesized and formulated the first dual fluorescence/19F MRI reagents
  • Developed assays for in vitro evaluation of MRI tracers (19F NMR, cell based assays, fluorescence imaging, biochemical techniques, confocal microscopy)
  • Coordinated and/or directed grant writing, project development, and research efforts of graduate students, staff and external collaborators


Research Associate
The Scripps Research Institute, Jupiter, FL      
  • Developed HTS cell-based assays for large compound, DNA and RNA collection screens targeting cancer and inflammation pathways
  • Screened focused small molecule libraries (>1000 members)
  • Screened focused DNA library (>1000 members)


Research/Teaching Fellow
University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy, Pittsburgh, PA    
  • Conducted microwave chemistry
  • Conducted medicinal chemistry (small molecule synthesis, analog design, SAR, protein-ligand interactions, computational modeling)
  • Conducted cell-based assays (cell-based screening studies, luminescence assays, protein expression, cell transformation via plasmid transfection)
  • Conducted fluorescence-polarization assays for in vitro drug screening
  • Trained undergraduate researchers in microwave chemistry, cell-based assays and data analysis


Research Specialist
University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Pittsburgh, PA          
  • Conducted flow cytometry, ELISA, western blot and cell culture cytoxicity assays
  • Conducted cancer cell biology research


Pharmacy “Labud”, Belgrade, SR Yugoslavia
  • Compounded pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations
  • Developed cosmetics products
  • Retail pharmacy and patient counseling


Pharmacist Administrator
National Reserves of Republic of Serbia, SR Yugoslavia          
  • Managed medical supplies, prescription and over-the-counter medications in the national reserves




Dean’s Award, School of Pharmacy, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA

2020 President’s Award of Excellence in Scholarship, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA
2020 Carnegie Science Award in Life Sciences, Honorable Mention, Pittsburgh, PA
2019 Defense Tech Connect Innovator Award Challenge, October 8, 2019, National Harbor, Washington DC
2018 Pittsburgh Business Times 2018 Innovator Award
2018 Duquesne University Research Hall of Fame Inductee
2018 Faculty Award, School of Pharmacy, Duquesne University, for excellence in teaching, scholarship and service
2018 Nominee, President's Award of Excellence in Service to the Mission of Duquesne University, by the School of Pharmacy, Duquesne University
2018 Selected to represent Duquesne University at 2018 Collegium at the College of the Holy Cross, June 2018
2013 Faculty Member of The Rho Chi Society, The Academic Honor Society in Pharmacy
2013 Wakonse Fellow, selected by the Duquesne University Center of Teaching Excellence to present at and attend Wakonse Teaching Conference
2004 Graduate Student Excellence Award, School of Pharmacy, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
2004 National Medicinal Chemistry Symposia Travel Award, Madison, WI
2001 JHF-CORO Health Sciences Fellowship, Pittsburgh, PA


Recognition in Public Media

2022 “Why are some painkillers less effective in females?” Medical News Today
2022 “New Study Highlights Differences in Neuropathic Pain Relief for Men and Women” Duquesne University Times
2021 “Nanotechnology May Help Improve Organ Transplantation Outcomes” Duquesne University Times and McGowan Institute newsletter

Article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Created particle could cure chronic pain


Article in the Duquesne Times: “Researcher Helps Lead Nanomedicine Effort in Transplantation”

2019 TEDxCMU Invited Speaker for "Ripple Effect" Main Conference, March 30, 2019
2019 Article in Duquesne Times on USAF Visit
2018 Duquesne times article on Innovator 2018 Award
2018 Interview with Joe Palca, NPR
2018 Highlights From the American Pain Society Scientific Summit: Can Nanomedicine Play a Role in the Future of Pain Treatment? A session at the March 4-6, 2018, event featured animal studies on macrophage-targeted nanomedicine by Ashley Cowie on 29 May 2018
2018 Interview for WTAE (Channel 4 News)
2018 "Duquesne Researchers Working On Drug That Could Be Upgrade To Current Anti-Inflammatories" by Joaquin Gonzalez • April 3, 2018 NPR, WESA interview
2017 Interview for the podcast Regenerative Medicine Today - Janjic - Podcast #167
2014 "Duquesne Professors Collaborate To Pioneer Research On Chronic Pain" September 23rd, 2014
Duquesne University Magazine, Fall 2014
2014 "Where Does It Hurt? New Processes Development by Duquesne's Chronic Pain Consortium Could Provide the Answer" April 16, 2014, Duquesne University News
2014 "Got Collaboration? New Provost Award Encourages Interdisciplinary Research" Duquesne University Times April 9, 2014
2012 "Grant Funds Chronic Pain Study at Duquesne University", Duquesne University News, February 1, 2012
2012 "University Researchers Collaborate to Study Chronic Pain" in The Chronicle, a quarterly newsletter published by American Chronic Pain Association, March 2012
2011 "Personalizing Nanomedicine", front page featured full article by Lauren K. Wolf , Chemical and Engineering News, 89 (39), pp 29-32, September 26, 2011
2004 Pittsburgh Tribune Review Newsmaker, August 22, 2004
2003 "Winning Combination", full feature article by Kris B. Mamula, PITT Magazine, Summer Issue
2003 "Combinatorial Libraries: Life's Tinker Toys" by By Gail Dutton in The Scientist May 9, 2003
Peer Reviewed Publications

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Book Chapters

  1. Jelena M. Janjic* , Riddhi Vichare and Sravan K. Patel “Perfluorocarbon Theranostic Nanoemulsions – From Imaging to Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases and Pain” book chapter in the 2nd edition of the book titled: Fluorine Magnetic Resonance Imaging Edited by Ulrich Flögel & Eric Ahrens, invited by the editors – 2023, in press
  2. JM Janjic*, M Balogh, SKR Adena, A Fitzpatrick, JA Pollock, VS Gorantla, AJ Shepherd*, Chapter 6: “Targeted Imaging and Therapeutic Technologies in Neuroregeneration” in Book: Reconstructive Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine edited by Gorantla, Janjic and Zor; Published by CRC Press 2021, Nov 11th
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Research Grants

Project Title: Neuro-Immuno Modulating Analgesic (NiMA) Nanomedicine Platform for Treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy
Role: Initiating PI (partner PI option) 

Project Title: Long-Acting Non-Opioid Analgesic (LANA) Nanomedicine for Rapid, Single Dose, Sustained Pain Control and Rehabilitation Support After Neuromusculoskeletal Injury
Role: PI

Project Title: Nanoimaging for Noninvasive Monitoring of Donor and Recipient Immune System Contribution to Acute and Chronic Rejection in VCA
Role: Initiating PI (Partner PI Option)

Project Title: “Novel Graft-Implanted Macrophage-Targeted Nanoemulgels for In Situ Immunosuppression in Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation”
Role: Subaward PI

Project Title: Salvage, Preservation, and Advanced Resuscitation Through Endothelial Stabilization (SPARES)
Role: Subaward PI

AFMSA Program (Intramural)
Project Title: Title: Semi-Autonomous Battlefield Resuscitation and Evacuation (SABRE)/Nano-Emulsion Oxygen Carrier for Advanced Resuscitation and Evacuation (NEOCARE) Phase I and II
Role: PI (Extramural)

AFMSA Program (Intramural)
Project Title: AMENDER Program - Phase I and II
Role: Principal Investigator (Extramural)

Project Title: A Graft Implanted Macrophage-Enzyme Responsive Immunosuppressive Therapy (MERIT) to Prevent Chronic Rejection in Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation
Role: Partnering PI

Completed Projects

NAMRU Program (Intramural)
Project Title: Nanomedicine Base Treatment of Standard and Stress Exacerbated Dental Pain
Supporting Agency: USA Navy, NAMRU
Performance Period: 08/01/2021-08/31/2022
Role: Extramural PI

FA8650-17-2-6836 (Intramural)
Project Title: A Targeted, Local, Non-Opioid Therapeutic Strategy for Mitigation, Modulation, and Management of Trauma Induced Neuropathic Pain
Role: PI (Extramural)

National Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging
Project Title: “Multimodal (PET/MR/NIR) imaging supported drug delivery in inflammatory diseases”
Role: PI (MPI)

NIH R21DA039621-01
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Project Title: “Theranostic Pain Nanomedicines: imaging inflammation, reducing pain and need for opioids.”
Role: PI

Pennsylvania State Health Formula Research Grants Program (C.U.R.E. Award)
Project Title: “Investigation of the molecular basis of neuroinflammatory pain associated with cancer and cancer therapy; an exploration guided by nanotechnology”
Role: Co-Investigator 

Leach Fund Award
Project Title: “An Innovative Anti-inflammatory Treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy”
Role: Co-Investigator

2016–2017 Leach Fund Award
Project Title: “Investigation of the molecular basis of neuroinflammatory pain with nanotechnology; a potential therapy for chronic pain in animals and people”
Role: Co-Investigator

The Provost’s Office Interdisciplinary Research Consortia Seed Funds

For the support of the Chronic Pain Research Consortium at Duquesne University
Role: Founder and Co-Director (Award Co-PI) 

Office of Naval Research
Project Title: Acquisition of a shear rheometer for research on tissue scaffold ECM hydrogels and other biomaterials
Role: Co-Investigator

(National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)
Project Title: “Non-viral Genetic Modification of Antigen-presenting Cells in Allografts”
Role: Co-Investigator

Pittsburgh Tissue Engineering Initiative Interface Seed Grant Fund
Project Title:
Acute to Chronic Pain Transition in Postsurgical Recovery: Combined input from immune system and peripheral nervous system”  
Role: Partnering PI

Pennsylvania State Health Formula Research Grants Program (C.U.R.E. Award)
Project Title:
“From Insoluble Perfluorocarbon Oils to Multifunctional Nanoparticles for Breast Cancer Imaging and Treatment”
Role: PI

Faculty Development Funds, Duquesne University
Project Title:
“Perfluorocarbon nanoemulsions for simultaneous delivery of COX2 inhibitor and antiproliferative agents to breast tumors”
Role: PI

STTR, 1R41EB009618 - 01A1
(National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering)
Project Title: “Dual Mode Nanoemulsions for 19F MRI and Fluorescence Detection”
Role: PI

Early Career Participation on Extramural Funded Grants

NMR Center Grant
Project Title:
Role: Investigator

(National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke)
Project Title: “Assay Development for Identification of ER-NFkB Pathway Selective Agents”
Role: Research Associate

Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program

Project Title: “Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Focused Combinatorial Libraries of Antiestrogens” Pre-doctoral Fellowship
Role: PI

Teaching Portfolio: Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Molecular Imaging, Drug Delivery, Pharmacology, Medicinal Chemistry, Physiology and Pathophysiology

Graduate Courses Taught (2009–Present)

Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA

GPSC 503
Pharmaceutical Unit Operations and Formulation (2 credits/team taught, 3 cr. Course, course-master). Formulation and manufacturing of liquids and semisolids

GPSC 508
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Laboratory (2 credits/team taught, 3 cr. Course, course-master).  Formulation and manufacturing of liquids and semisolids, team project leader, experimental design,

GPSC 513
Principles of Drug Action, Design, and Delivery (course-master, 1.5 credit/team taught/course master, 3 cr. course).  Medicinal chemistry section and drug discovery

GPSC 617
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (0.5 credit/team taught, 2 cr. course).  Design of imaging reagents

GPSC 619

Drug Delivery Systems (course master, 2 cr. course).  Drug delivery vehicle design and targeting, focus on cancer therapeutics, theranostics, imaging agents, Bio-design and product development.

Pharm.D. Courses Taught (2007–Present)

School of Pharmacy, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA

PHCE  360 / PHCE 360R
Pharmaceutical Principles and Drug Delivery Systems I  (1 credit/team taught, 3 cr. course); with recitation

PHBM 355
Human Physiology and Pathophysiology I (course-master, 1.5 credits/team taught, 4 cr. course).  Chemistry of life, basic biochemical topics in genetics and pharmacogenetics, genetic diseases

PHBM 442
Biomedical Sciences and Therapeutics: Gastroenterology (0.7 credits/team taught, 3 cr. course).  Gastrointestinal disorder therapeutics (medicinal chemistry) and pharmacology

PHBM 442-72
Biomedical Sciences and Therapeutics: Gastroenterology (0.7 credits/team taught, 3 cr. course).  Gastrointestinal disorder therapeutics (medicinal chemistry) and pharmacology 

BMST 426-71
Biomedical Sciences & Therapeutics: Infectious Disease (2 credits/team taught, 3 cr. course).  Medicinal chemistry of infectious disease drugs

BMST 425-71
Biomedical Sciences & Therapeutics:  Endocrine/Nutrition (1 credit/team taught, 3 cr. course).  Medicinal chemistry of steroid and hormonal drugs

PHBM 435
Biomedical Sciences & Therapeutics:  Pain, Musculoskeletal, and Connective Tissue Disorders (0.2 credit/team taught, 2 cr. course).

PHPR-427-61 / UPNS-491-61  
Etiology, Assessment and Treatment of Pain for the Health Care Professional (0.5 credit/team taught, 2 cr. course).  Medicinal chemistry of analgesics, inflammation and pain, mindfulness/meditation in pain management.  Cross- disciplinary course offered through School of Nursing and School of Pharmacy                 

School of Pharmacy, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA   (2001–2004)                                                       

PHARM 5318
Endocrinology, (guest lecturer, 3 cr. course).  Lectures and practicum on steroid hormones, estrogens, SERMs and breast cancer


Professional Service

Scientific Program Committee, International Society of Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation International Meeting Dec 1-3, 2023, Loss Angeles, CA.

2022-2024 Council and board member, International Society of Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation (elected in 2022)
2022-2024 At-Large Representative Transplant Regenerative Medicine Community of Practice (TRMCOP) Committee, American Society for Transplantation
2019 Guest Editor, Molecules, Special Issue "Targeted and Personalized Nanomedicines"
2019 Guest Co- Editor (with V.S. Gorantla, WFIRM, guest editor), Nanomedicine, Special focus issue on the topic 'Nanomedicine in Organ Transplantation and Regenerative Surgery - Advances, Applications, and Future Directions'
2019 External advisory board member, Cellular Approaches to Tissue Engineering and Regeneration (CATER) training program, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
2018–19 Organizing committee member, McGowan Institute of Regenerative Medicine Scientific Retreat/ Session organizer/chair on 3 symposiums: Event held on March 11-12, 2019, UPITT University Club, Pittsburgh, PA
University, School, or Department Service

Duquesne University

2023 LGBTQ+ University Committee Member, Duquesne University (volunteered)
2022 2022 Faculty Awards for Excellence Committee, Duquesne University
2011–Present Founder and Co-Director of Chronic Pain Research Consortium, Duquesne University
2016–Present Women in Science @Duquesne University, founding committee member
2018 Organizer of DOD Funding workshop for faculty, staff and students - cosponsored by CPRC and WIS of Duquesne University
2017 Hosted and organized the Exhibit Booth for Chronic Pain Research Consortium at the at American Pain Society Scientific Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA, May 2017
2017 Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Center, led by Darlene Weaver - planning committee member (volunteered)
2016 Chair and facilitator for symposia and events of 2016 Chronic Pain Research Consortium Retreat - 5th Anniversary Celebration, Duquesne University
2016–18 Faculty advisor for Veterans Engagement Consortium
2017–Present Women in Science Mentoring subcommittee chair
2016, 2017 Day of Learning and Speaking Out (DLSO) held on March 22, 2016 - Organizing committee member
2012–15 Inspired Teaching Retreat with the Center for Teaching Excellence (Co-organizer, dialogue group leader, presenter)
2014–Present Member, dialogue participant and workshop panelist at the events of Spiritan Pedagogy movement led by Dr. Darlene Weaver
2012 CTE faculty workshop presenter and discussion leader
2011–15 Chronic Pain Research Consortium Research Retreats (Leading organizer)
School of Pharmacy and Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

2022 Duquesne University School of Pharmacy Promotion and Tenure Committee member
2019-2020 School of Pharmacy Faculty Development Committee
2019-Present School of Pharmacy Tenure and Promotion Committee
2018-2020 Pharmaceutics Discipline representative on the Seminar Series organizing committee
2016–18 Pharmaceutics Discipline faculty coordinator
2016–Present Faculty development committee
2016–17 Biomedical Sciences Journal Club (founding organizer, shared with Dr. Manickam)
2014–Present Committee for Faculty Development (Member, appointed by the Dean)
2010–16 Graduate Council (Member, appointed by the Dean)
2010–11 Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminar Series Committee (Chair)
2012–Present Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminar Series Committee (Discipline representative)
2013, 2015, 2017 AAPS Research Symposium poster and podium presentations Judge
2012, 2016 Oral Research Proposal Defense workshop for graduate students (leader and/or organizer)
2012 Medicinal Chemistry Faculty Search Committee (Member)
2011–12 ACPE Self-Study Faculty and Staff Subcommittee (Member)
2011–12 ACPE Self-Study Graduate Student Subcommittee (Member)
2011 Workgroup-Mentoring Program for Students, Faculty and Staff (Member)
2010 BMS PharmD Curricular Workgroup (Member)
2010–11 Original Research Proposal Defense Workshop for Graduate Students (Leader)
2010 Summer pharmaceutics research journal club (Organizer)
University of Pittsburgh

2001–05 Graduate Education and Research at the University of Pittsburgh (GEAR-UP) Program (Organizational Committee Member)
2003–04 Graduate Student Organization, School of Pharmacy (President)
2002 School of Pharmacy Dean Search Committee (Graduate Student Representative)
2002–03 Graduate Student Organization, School of Pharmacy (Vice-President)


Service Focused on Promoting Wellness and Wellbeing

2016–18 Mindful Mondays, ongoing practice workshop for scientists, students, faculty and staff started in the Fall 2016 (founder/facilitator).
2014–Present Student wellness mini-workshops in Living/Learning Centers
2013–14 Student Coping Skills Workgroup in School of Pharmacy (Co-chair)
2014 Wellness seminar on mindfulness and stress reduction in the pharmacy pre-professional program (co-developer and presenter)
2014–15 "Contemplative Scientist" weekly dialogue group for researchers (leader, founder)
2013–14 Mindfulness in daily life/learning discussion leader with RAs in Living/Learning Centers
2011–Present "Dr. J's De-Stressor" resource folder in blackboard sites in PharmD and graduate courses - live discussions on stress reduction in graduate school life
2011–12 "Skeptic's guide to stress reduction and meditation" presented at faculty meetings and to graduate students


Peer Review for Grants

2023 CDMRP PRMRP FP-BP Panel reviewer
2023 NINDS ZNS1 SRB V(01) Special Emphasis Panel HEAL (RFA-NS-21-010)
2022 NIH, NINDS ZNS1 G45 Special Emphasis Panel reviewer
2022 CDMRP, Chronic Pain Research Program, Panel Chair 
2021 CDMRP, PRMRP reviewer
2020 NIBIB R01 add hoc reviewer
2020 NHLBI Catalyze Program
2019 NCI Innovative Research in Cancer Nanotechnology
2019 AAAS Reviews
2016, 2017, 2018 NIDA CEBRA R21 study section (Served 5 times)
2017 NIBIB CMIP Study section (ad hoc)
2016 NIH Special panel applications reviewer
2013–15 Grant reviewer for Prostate Cancer Foundation UK
2013 Grant reviewer for Polish Academy of Sciences
2011 Grant reviewer for Duquesne University Faculty Development Fund


Invited Peer Review for Scholarly Publications

2020 Reviewer for Nature Chemistry
2018–19 Reviewer for Nanoscale
2015–17 Reviewer for Molecular Pharmaceutics
2014 Reviewer for Food and Function
2014–16 Reviewer for Journal of American Chemical Society
2014 Reviewer for Nature Chemistry
2014 Reviewer for The Journal of Neuroscience
2014 Reviewer for ChemPhysChem
2014 Reviewer for Chemical Science
2014 Reviewer for PLOS One
2013, 2014 Reviewer for World Molecular Imaging Congress abstracts submissions
2013 Reviewer for Nanomedicine
2013 Reviewer for Small
2013, 2015 Reviewer for International Journal of Pharmaceutics
2013 Reviewer for Journal of Materials Chemistry
2012 Reviewer for ChemMedChem
2011–15 Reviewer for Advanced Functional Materials
2010 Reviewer for ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters
2010–15 Reviewer for Journal of Pharmaceutical Innovation


Community Service

2016, 2017, 2018 Science and cultural mini workshops in Mt. Lebanon Extended Day Program
2015 Volunteering in select school events at Markham Elementary School
2014 Fundraising for Serbian Flood Relief (Raised monetary funds and goods)
2011–12 Walk for the Cure (Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation)
(Raised funds for Pittsburgh affiliate of Susan G. Komen)
2010 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk

American Transplant Society  (ATC)

2023 US Association for the Study of Pain (USASP)
2021–2022 World Molecular Imaging Society
2017–Present International Society of Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation (ISVCA)
Allotransplantation (by invitation), Council member since 2022
2017–Present The Transplantation Society (TTS)
2014–2019 American Pain Society, member (Membership committee member)
2013–2019 The International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE)
2013–2016 The Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education
2011–2018 International Association for the Study of PAIN
2009–2012 American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
2008–Present American Chemical Society, Fluorine Division
2002–Present American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
2002–2004 American Chemical Society, Medicinal Chemistry Division
Duquesne University, School of Pharmacy
Principal Investigator/Laboratory Director: Jelena M. Janjic, PhD “Dr.J”

NML Capabilities
Nanomedicine produced at NML includes colloidal nanosystems for molecular imaging (magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and near-infrared fluorescence (NIRF) imaging), targeted and local drug delivery, and imaging-supported drug delivery or theranostic nanomedicines. These products can be delivered locally, parenterally, or implanted into body cavities or wounds. Nanotechnology-based therapeutics are typically presented with high costs and challenging quality control, representing critical barriers to future clinical translation. In contrast, the offeror NML efforts over the past decade produced cost-effective, robust, and scalable manufacturing methods for nanomedicines with a high level of quality control by utilizing Quality-by-Design (QbD) approaches. Specifically, the application of QbD to nanomedicine manufacturing and quality control led to several firsts: 1) the first imaging-supported pain nanomedicine for trauma and surgical pain; 2) the first oxygen carrier with embedded imaging agents for real-time in line tracking during organ/limb preservation; 3) the first successful longitudinal immunomonitoring in non-human primates and porcine models using clinical grade imagers; 4) demonstrated nerve injury recovery following trauma by local nanomedicine implantation in rodents. Furthermore, NML successfully scaled up their laboratory protocols to produce >2L of nanoparticles/batch and evaluate them in human limb trials for oxygen delivery. The work in these areas has been supported by USAF and CDMRP contracts, which are highly collaborative and involve partners across academia, industry and Government. The level of funding NML achieved so far across multiple projects exceeds 6 million dollars for Duquesne University site. Summary of NML research areas is shown in the scheme below:

summary of NML research areas

NML Active DoD contracts 

AFMSA contracts:

CDMRP contracts:

Laboratory Space, Equipment and Resources

The total laboratory space is 2094 sq. feet: the primary laboratory space of 560 sq. ft. (401 Mellon Hall),  500 sq.ft. (403 Mellon Hall), 514 sq. ft (418F Mellon Hall) and 520 sq. ft. (427 Mellon Hall). NML has 4 chemical hoods, 2 biosafety sterile work hoods, liquid nitrogen and -80 freezers and lyophilizers. The labs have designated areas for analytical work for nanomaterials analyses including: 2 state-of-the-art particle size Zetasizer Nano Instruments (Malvern UK), dedicated HPLC and Rheometers. The lab has four microfluidizer units, sonicators, planetary mixers and centrifuges. The lab has several microscopes, designated incubators and total of 6 refrigerators. The lab has access to state of the art LCMS and NMR facilities in Mellon Hall, as well as confocal microscopes, small animal facility, NIRF imagers (preclinical and clinical) and other resources needed for running preclinical studies of produced nanomaterials.