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Jennie L. Schulze (PhD) is an Associate Professor of in the Department of Political Science at Duquesne University. Her research interests include the influence of European institutions and kin-states on minority integration and minority rights in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as how cultural, structural, and social variables effect minority integration and democratic participation. Her book, Strategic Frames: Europe, Russia and Minority Inclusion in Estonia and Latvia (University of Pittsburgh, 2018) focuses on the comparative influence of European institutions and Russia on the development of minority policies in Estonia and Latvia after they regained their independence in 1991. She is working on a new comparative book project on the challenges of refugee resettlement during times of crisis. Schulze's scholarly articles have appeared in journals such as Problems of Post-Communism, Nationalities Papers, Eurasian Geography and Economics, Polity, the Journal for Ethnic and Minority Issues in Europe, and Studies of Transition States and Societies. She is the Director of the Center for Migration, Displacement, and Community Studies at Duquesne University and she teaches both comparative politics and international relations courses.
Expertise in Minorities, Nationalism, Eastern Europe, EU Enlargement, and Refugee Resettlement.


  • Ph.D., Political Science, The George Washington University, 2009
  • B.A., Political Science, Boston College, 2001

  • POSC 116 - Current Challenges for Liberal Democracies
  • POSC 208 - Politics of Great Powers
  • POSC 245 - International Relations
  • POSC 303 (FCEL) - Politics of Immigration
  • POSC 321 - Government and Politics of Russia and Eastern Europe
  • POSC 408 - Democracy Conflict and World Politics
  • POSC 419W - Ethnic Conflict: Politics and Policy