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An instructor of Digital Media Arts, Mr. Vota teaches on subjects in Visual Communication and Design. Specifically, his work surrounds photography, video production, and motion graphics. In addition, Mr. Vota teaches subjects in Media Law and Project Management. He also acts as adviser to Duquesne Student Television (DSTV).

His work on several documentaries have yielded international awards, and he was selected as one of Pittsburgh Magazine's Top 40 most influential professionals under 40 for his work at Duquesne.

Mr. Vota has a B.A. in Psychology and two master's degrees, in Psychology and in Media Arts, from Duquesne University.


  • M.S. Media Arts, Duquesne University
  • M.A. Psychology, Duquesne University
  • B.A. Psychology, Duquesne University

  • Photography I
  • Photography II
  • Visual Design and Layout
  • Principles of Audio & Video
  • Media Law & Regulation
  • Mobile Media Production
  • Project Management & Professional
  • Development 
  • "The Tragedy of Jane Shore." Executive Producer. 2006. DVD
  • "Taming of the Shrew." Executive Producer. 2007. DVD
  • "Collecting Somedays: National Parks of the US." Executive Producer. 2008. DVD
  • "The Pittsburgh Monologue Project." Producer. 2009. DVD
  • "7 Days, 17 Hours: Adventures Along the Pony Express Trail." Field Director. 2009. Web
  • "Nowhere All Around Us: The Trans-Labrador Highway." Field Director. 2010. Web