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Laura M. Crothers is a professor of the school psychology programs in the Department of Counselor Education and School Psychologyat Duquesne University. Crothers, who is a nationally-certified school psychologist, has been recognized as a national expert in childhood bullying by the National Association of School Psychologists. She teaches the graduate-level consultation and program evaluation seminars in school psychology at Duquesne University. Crothers has contributed to the source literature by studying bullying in children and adolescents, and is currently investigating the efficacy of the Goodwill Girls Curriculum in diminishing relational and social aggression and increasing interpersonal maturity in adolescents. She has completed over thirty manuscripts and monographs, four co-authored or co-edited books, and numerous book chapters. In addition to her scholarly writing, Crothers has delivered lectures and conducted presentations regionally, nationally, and internationally. Crothers serves on several editorial boards, and is the Chair of Psychology of Women for Division 16 of the American Psychological Association.


D.Ed., School of Psychology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2001
Ed.S., School of Psychology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1997
M.Ed., Educational Psychology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1995
B.A., Psychology, Grove City College, 1994


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