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Dr. Ryan Luchs is Chair of the Management and Marketing Department and is an Associate Professor in Marketing. He joined Duquesne University in 2008.  Dr. Luchs has taught Digital Marketing, Sales, Consulting, Operations, and Entrepreneurship courses. In addition to his role at Duquesne, Dr. Luchs is an investor and board member of several small businesses through an investment fund he established in 2019.  Dr. Luchs' research interests include topics related to B2B Marketing Strategy and Retailing. His articles have appeared in several top outlets including Journal of Retailing and Management Science. 


  • Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
  • M.B.A., University of Pittsburgh
  • B.S., Pennsylvania State University

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Articles in Journals

Obeng, E., Luchs, R., Inman, J., & Hulland, J. (2016).  Survival of The Fittest: How Competitive Service Overlap and Retail Format Impact Incumbents' Vulnerability to New Entrants. Journal of Retailing, 92 (4), 383-396, doi:

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Luchs, R., Geylani, T., Dukes, A., & Srinivasan, K. (2010). The End of the Robinson-Patman Act? Evidence from Legal Case Data. Management Science, 56 (12), 2123-2133.

Guskey, A., Luchs, R. J., & Min, X. (2010). The Role of Refund Policy and Complaint Response Time in Determining Customer Satisfaction and Repurchase Intent. Journal of Applied Marketing Theory, 1 (1), 1-15.

Paper Presentations

Obeng, E. & Luchs, R. (2016). Survival of The Fittest: How Service Portfolios Impact Incumbents' Vulnerability to New Entrants. American Marketing Association Winter Educators' Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Obeng, E., Luchs, R., Inman, J., & Hulland, J. (2013, August). Survival of The Fittest: How Competitive Overlap and Retail Format Impact Incumbents' Vulnerability". AMA Summer Educators Conference, Boston, Massachusetts.  

Luchs, R. (2012, February). Do Firms Stick to Their Knitting? The Influence of Marketing and Innovation Investments on Alliance Type Choice. AMA Winter Educators Conference Proceedings, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Marley, K. & Luchs, R. (2011). Do sustainability practices drive supply chain performance? A multi-industry study using secondary data. Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts.

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Luchs, R. (2005). An Examination of Brand Sales Volume Variation Across Retail Chains. Informs Marketing Science. Atlanta, GA.


Luchs, R., Lessard, D., & Sroufe, R. (2013). Aluminum vs. Plastic: A Life-Cycle Perspective on the Use of These Materials in Laptops. In M. Drake (Ed.), The Applied Business Analytics Casebook: Applications in Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, and Operations Research. FT Press: US.

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