As application deadlines approach, Duquesne University has brought in a record-number of more than 10,000 freshman applicants.

After careful review and selection by the admissions committee, the 8,200 admitted students are the kind of hard-working, intellectually curious, ambitious and caring young people who look forward to learning with dedicated faculty in state-of-the-art facilities.

Nearly 40% of the class of 2025 is from outside of Pennsylvania and represents 45 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands as well 60 countries including Rwanda, Brazil, India and China. The average GPA is 3.8, while the average test score of those who submitted scores is 1216 SAT and 27 ACT. Sixty one percent of the class was able to be included in the test optional review process introduced in response to the COVID19 restrictions on testing.

These future Duquesne difference-makers Include:
22 College Board National Hispanic Recognition Scholars
A leukemia survivor who founded the Cancer Stinks Children's Foundation as a 2nd grader and is founding president of his high school's Best Buddies chapter
A Junior ROTC member who is a Cadet of the Year awardee
A volunteer who reads to children at the local hospital who have been diagnosed with chronic illness
A student leader who helps local organizations and businesses through his own social media and website building agency.

In addition, scores of applicants are in National Honor Society, play varsity sports, serve on their student government and volunteer at their church, local food bank and local polling place.

"We have a long record of attracting high-achieving students who care as much about community engagement as they do about academic accomplishments, as much about excelling at improving the life of others as about excellence in the life of the mind," says Joel Bauman, senior vice president for enrollment management at Duquesne. "This is, of course, a part of our mission at Duquesne and speaks to the work we do with our neighbors, the historically underserved, and the burgeoning business and health care innovation hubs in our downtown setting."

Bauman credits this as one of the reasons Duquesne regularly attracts students from every state and numerous countries.

"Students appreciate future-focused programs and individualized experiential learning, and they recognize and want to be a part of our community work. And, they're willing to put in the time and work to affect real change."

It's time for bigger goals-at Duquesne University, we promise you an education that's exactly what you need and more than you could have ever have imagined. Attend one of the University's on-campus tours and in-person and virtual event opportunities. Learn more about the expanded test-optional admission to all programs for fall 2021 (and 2022) freshmen. Dig into one of the 80 majors among nine schools and open up a world of possibilities.


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It's time for bigger goals
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March 29, 2021