Michael Chieu is a man with options.

The 33-year-old budding entrepreneur, who will be one of the first graduates of Duquesne University’s Online Pharm.D. program later this month, has some big plans for the future. 

Chieu, who co-owns a nail salon with his wife Annie, is also close to earning his MBA at Duquesne and the combination of both degrees could lead to the perfect job. 

“My dream job is to work in the drug supply chain industry, helping health care systems to run more efficiently,” said Michael, who previously worked as a pharmacy technician in the hospital, retail and long-term care fields. “Through my Duquesne education, I better understand both the clinical and business sides of the industry.”

He noted that the Online Pharm.D. program gave him the flexibility he needed to work during the day and study at night. He said that most exams occurred on Sunday nights, and he needed to only be on campus twice each semester. 

“The support from faculty was really important,” said Michael, who in addition to working and his academic pursuits is also a father to four children. “They are awesome about understanding your needs both as a professional and a person.”

His Duquesne experience has given him the confidence to carve his own career path, whether it’s working for a health care system or opening his own pharmacy.

“If I don’t find a job I like, I will make my own,” he said.

After years of studying, Michael noted that his family, and especially his wife Annie, were vital to his success.  

“Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am,” he said. “When I told Annie I would be graduating, she laughed and said ‘It’s about time!’”

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May 12, 2023