Garage parking, surface parking and a shuttle service provide options for students, faculty and staff.


The Parking and DU Card Services Office is closed until further notice. All inquiries can be sent to

Until further notice, departments hosting events on campus during the day with off campus guests must arrange for off-campus parking for these individuals. For further information, please visit our departmental parking page.


If you're looking for a safe, affordable, and eco-friendly transportation option, the shuttle is your stress-free ride to campus! Eliminate the need to find a parking space on campus or to search for a parking space when returning home after a long day. The Shuttle offers many benefits that you cannot enjoy by driving to campus. You can read, study, check email or even look at your social media while enjoying the convenience of someone else taking you to and from school. Enjoy all of these benefits all while saving on gas and additional wear and tear on your vehicle. With the new reduced price of $75.00 per semester, the Shuttle is the perfect solution to your transportation needs for South Side residents!

South Side residents can apply online through DORI starting July 22nd, 2019.