Executive Leadership Certificate

Required coursework can be completed in as few as 7.5 additional credits.

Learn to lead with vision and a strategic-mindset with a Graduate Certificate in Executive Leadership.




Required Credit Hours


Course Descriptions

3 credit hours

You will learn how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and apply entrepreneurship principles in both existing organizations and new ventures. The focus will be on enhancing your skills with respect to identifying and screening new venture opportunities, business planning, acquiring the resources needed to execute your plan and exit strategies. Online. Offered fall and spring.

3 credit hours

Substitutes for MGMT-513 Managing People for Sustained Competitive Advantage (1.5 cr.) in the PMBA program.

You will gain a deep understanding of human behavior in organizations and how to maximize organizational and unit performance by effective leadership of human capital. Examples of topics covered include perception, attitudes, power, influence, motivation, group dynamics, managing teams, diversity, managing conflict, negotiation and culture. Online. Offered fall and spring.

3 credit hours

Substitutes for MGMT-545 Executive Insights in the PMBA program.

An exciting overview of contemporary thinking about executive leadership, including how to develop and execute a vision for the future. Features accomplished senior executives who share their insights and experiences with you about the leadership challenges they have faced. Online. Offered every semester.
3 credit hours

You will learn the skills and processes to lead organizational changes that enable the creation of sustainable value. You will focus on theories, concepts, and applications so that you can successfully initiate, analyze and implement organizational changes. Additionally, you will practice the skills that leaders need to make positive change, and learn about the barriers to organizational change. Online. Offered fall and spring.
3 credit hours

Replaced by FINC 530 Financial Management in the PMBA curriculum.  

This course will expose you to the fundamentals of managing a profit and loss center. You will get a better understanding of financial statements including the balance sheet, income statement and the statement of cash flows. Basic financial concepts like financial ratios, time value of money and capital budgeting will be introduced. The goal of the course is to provide a foundation of financial literacy so that leaders can make effective decisions within their organizations. Online. Offered fall and summer.
Already completed the associated MBA courses? You can still pursue the Certificate in Executive Leadership for a total of 9 credits.