Health Sciences

Shaping and Contributing to the Health & Welfare of Others.

According to the US Department of Labor, healthcare occupational growth is projected to increase 18% from 2016 through 2026.1 This growth has been attributed to an increase in the aging population and greater demand for healthcare services from Baby Boomers and newly-insured patients since the inception of the Affordable Care Act. They also note that this growth will be the result of increased awareness regarding the benefits of exercise, wellness, nutrition, and preventive measures designed to prevent chronic disease and the need to employ individuals with these areas of expertise.1

Our Health Sciences major will provide students with the skills needed to both conduct comprehensive health, wellness and fitness assessments, and develop programming to address the needs of clients, patients and populations. Furthermore, our students will be equipped to assess the outcomes associated with these intervention strategies and prepared to implement changes accordingly.

For those students who may be considering pursuit of a professional healthcare degree, our Health Sciences major will serve as a gateway designed to prepare students for graduate degree programs in Medicine, Athletic Training, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physician Assistant Studies.

Students from our Health Sciences Program will have opportunities to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to factor prominently into a variety of healthcare arenas, including human performance, strength & conditioning, corporate wellness, exercise physiology, health education, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, and community health & wellness.

Possible Career Settings & Paths

  • Hospital/Medical Setting - Cardiac rehabilitation,health care facility management, mental health & wellness
  • Industrial/Corporate Setting - Ergonomics, worksite safety, counseling & education, wellness, medical sales
  • Athletic/Fitness Setting - Performance enhancement, strength and conditioning, exercise/fitness/wellness, exercise physiology, nutrition
  • Public Sector - Public health, health education, community health
  • Administrative Setting - Health informatics, marketing and public relations

1. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Health Sciences, on the Internet at (Accessed June 15, 2018).

Program Information

Duquesne University Bachelor of Health Sciences is a comprehensive program for aspiring health professionals, providing a strong foundation through diverse coursework and hands-on experiences.

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New for Fall 2024!

Students can now reach their bigger goals completing the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree in our NEW pathways & concentrations! PATHWAYS: Pre-PA, Pre-PT, Pre-OT, Pre-Med -- CONCENTRATIONS: Exercise Science, Health, Strength & Conditioning

Reaching Bigger Goals

Peri Dimitriou

“I feel very prepared to enter medical school knowing that I’m part of an educational and social network at Duquesne that will continue to support me throughout my life. I’ve met so many great professors and peers and I know those relationships will continue to help me.”

Peri Dimitriou B.S., health sciences, '24
Peri's Journey

EMS Educational Institute

The Department of Athletic Training, through the Pennsylvania Department of Health, is authorized to operate as a BLS Institute, which allows us to offer students the opportunity to pursue coursework necessary to pursue certification as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Duquesne University secured initial accreditation in October 2012, and continues to maintain that status.   Following course completion our students are permitted to sit for the certification exam in pursuit of the EMT credential.

Course Registrants Practical Exam Outcomes Written Exam 1st Time Passing Rate Written Exam Overall Passing Rate
Spring 2023 14 100%
(9 attempted the exam)
(6 students attempted the exam)
(6 students attempted the exam)
Spring 2022 8 100% 
(8 attempted the exam)
(2 students attempted the exam)
2 students attempted the exam)
Fall 2021 17 100%
(17 attempted the exam)
(10 students attempted the exam)
(10 students attempted the exam)
Spring 2021 6 100%
(6 attempted the exam)
(1 student attempted the exam)
(1 student attempted the exam)