The Health Sciences Program consists of a series of pathways and concentrations to provide students with a customized learning experience.  The combination of pathways and concentrations affords students the flexibility to expand and customize their education to align with areas of professional interest and to meet trending healthcare demands.


The pathways that students select will assist them in pursuing a specific career path, complete a general health science education, and/or meet graduate professional degree requirements.  When selecting a pathway, students will pick from the following options:

  • Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Pre- Medicine
  • Pre-Physician Assistant Studies
  • Pre-Occupational Therapy
  • Integrated Health

The Pre-professional pathways (i.e. Pre-Medicine, Pre-Physical Therapy) are designed for students that aspire to pursue a professional degree program following graduation. The Integrated Health pathway is designed for students that desire to enter the healthcare workforce upon graduation. 


Students will also select from one of three concentrations to pursue in order to further customize their learning experience.  Students may pursue the Health, Exercise Science, or Strength & Conditioning concentration.  

Students pursuing the Health concentration may have interests related to health promotion, behavior change, health education, and community health & wellness.  

Those pursuing the Exercise Science concentration may have interests related to human performance, strength & conditioning, exercise physiology, and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.  

Students electing the Strength & Conditioning concentration may have interests related to human performance, strength & conditioning, performance enhancement, and sport rehabilitation.  

Through each pathway and concentration pairing, students will receive instruction in the areas of exercise testing & prescription, nutrition, sports medicine, and wellness. Students will also be required to pursue elective courses from the other concentrations and across campus to round out their curricular plan.  Duquesne offers an array of health science related courses that will enable students to customize their education in the areas of Public Health, Healthcare Administration, Global Health, Assistive Technology, and Healthcare Ethics in order to meet national and international healthcare trends.

Ultimately, our Health Sciences major is one that will allow students to create an integrated and interdisciplinary path to graduation, unlike what typically occurs in the discipline-specific, professional degree programs.

Through our agile curricular frameworks, our Health Sciences majors will become evidence-based, patient and client-centered healthcare professionals who are equipped with the knowledge and skills to shape and actively contribute to the dynamic healthcare system.

Students interested in study abroad opportunities should be sure to check out available resources through the Office of Global Engagement to assist with planning.

Located below are links that provide an overview of the Health Sciences concentrations , which can be aligned with each of our program pathways.