How could my Public Health degree prepare me for a Career as a Physician or other Medical Professional?

It is essential that future physicians and other health professionals not only have excellent knowledge and scientific background, but also have an understanding of Public Health and that humanistic perspective of health care. It is our mission to provide undergraduate students with the necessary academic preparation and a unique and clinically-relevant education that embodies this concept. In addition to pursuing a major in Public Health, our students also may pursue the post-secondary certificate in Pre-Medical and Health professions offered by the Pre-Medical and Health Professions Programs (PMHPP). The PMHPP offers specialized programs, not academic majors, that assist students from all academic majors to gain the requisite experiences and academic background to apply to medical, osteopathic medical, dental, optometry, chiropractic, podiatric and many other health professional schools.

As part of the Program requirements, students are required to participate in a unique educational program that includes not only the standard pre-medical coursework, but also basic clinical skills and certifications, professional and inter-professional educational opportunities, exposure to evidence-based practice medicine, and participation in both mandatory and volunteer/observation experiences. PMHPP program is especially relevant to students pursuing BS degree in public health.