The Consortium for Christian Muslim Dialogue (CCMD) promotes healthy and peaceful Christian-Muslim relations in both the United States and Africa.

When you participate in the CCMD, you’ll work with faculty from several schools within the university, each sharing the resources of their disciplines with an effort to explore the social, cultural, economic, philosophical, historical, political and religious roots of and solutions to interreligious conflicts. 

The Consortium & the Liberal Arts

At the heart of the CCMD is a desire at Duquesne to promote interfaith understanding and dialogue through opportunities for students and faculty to engage in meaningful conversations with individuals from different faith backgrounds. Through these conversations, you’ll better understand how to promote empathy, respect and understanding between people of different religions, a critical skill in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world.

The consortium provides access to diverse perspectives on topics related to Christian-Muslim relations from thought leaders such as scholars, theologians, activists and religious figures from both faith communities, exposing you to the complexity and diversity of Christian-Muslim relations and help you develop advanced critical thinking skills.

Duquesne University is committed to advancing interfaith dialogue and diversity as a way to maintain and enhance our reputation as a forward-thinking, socially responsible and globally engaged institution of higher education.

While Africa and the United States remain of special concerns, the CCMD recognizes and responds to every opportunity to foster dialogue. For that reason, we have designed courses and created an undergraduate minor in interreligious studies, so that our mission will continue through our programs, student organizations, sponsors, alumni and friends.

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Dr. James Bailey

Department Chair, Theology