Peace, Justice, and Conflict Resolution

Peace, Justice, and Conflict Resolution (PJCR) is offered as an undergraduate minor and is open to all students at Duquesne. Intended to further Duquesne's mission, the PJCR minor is aimed to help create a more peaceful and just world. As a student in this program, you will:

  • focus on the causes of war, violence, and oppression;
  • foster awareness of how conflict can be resolved without recourse to violence;
  • create a positive sense of social responsibility and awareness of issues of justice, human rights, and ethics in local, national, and global applications;
  • encourage an interdisciplinary mode of thinking and problem-solving;
  • build skills in conflict analysis and resolution.

This an inter- and multi-disciplinary program based in the social sciences and the humanities. The program draws on courses from departments and programs including History, International Relations, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Theology.


Program Information

Open to all Duquesne students, the PJCR minor promotes peace, justice, and conflict resolution. Aligns with Duquesne's mission to create a more just world.

Program Type


Required Credit Hours


Minor Requirements

All students minoring in Peace, Justice & Conflict Resolution must take:
  • PJCR 304 Introduction to Peace & Justice
Four Peace, Justice & Conflict Resolution elective courses must be taken, with at least one of those courses being at the 300-level or above. One elective course must also include either an international or comparative perspective. 

Peace, Justice & Conflict Resolution courses are interdisciplinary and housed in a number of liberal arts departments. Some of these courses are:
  • HIST 167 Gandhi & the Twentieth Century
  • HIST 284 The Global 60's: Youth in Revolt
  • HIST 293 Modern China
  • HIST 448W World at War
  • HIST 450W The Cold War
  • POSC 349 United Nations I
  • POSC 413W Human Rights: Politics & Policy
  • PSYC 260 Psychology, Religion & Spirituality
  • PSYC 275 Psychology & Nature
  • SOCI 217 Protest & Social Movements
  • SOCI 272 Perspectives on the Holocaust
  • SOCI 309 Social Stratification
  • SOCI 370 Gender, Crime & Justice
  • SOCI 371 Race, Crime & Justice
  • THEO 264 Religion & Global Conflict