World Literatures

Expand your Horizons, Minor in World Literatures

The world literature minor at Duquesne University speaks directly to the University's Spiritan character and mission because it responds to the call for students to become respectful, curious and engaged with the world's cultures through its various literary traditions. The world literature minor is an interdisciplinary minor that addresses not only the diversity of the world's literatures, but also the variety of intellectual approaches to that study. Studying the literatures of different peoples of the world, which includes their stories and forms of literary expression, is one of the best ways to begin to know them.

The world literature minor is valuable to students who are interested in literature, international relations, law, political science, sociology, psychology, philosophy, journalism, languages and history, but it is also valuable to students who are interested in business and the sciences, given the increasingly global nature and reach of commerce and technology. The minor is also a great tool for students who are interested in taking advantage of Duquesne's study abroad opportunities.

The world literature minor invites students to explore literatures produced outside of the US and the UK (which they can study thoroughly with an English major or minor) and from the following regions:

  • South/Latin America
  • The Caribbean
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • The Middle East
  • Western Europe

The world literature minor combine courses from English, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology and theology to expand your worldview and help you reimagine our world.


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World literature minor broadens perspectives in literature, international relations, law, sociology, and more. Benefits students in any school. Enhances study abroad opportunities.

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