As a member of the City Music Center teaching team, you are supported and cared for. The content on this page is designed to connect you to essential resources and information. 

What pathways are available to students?

City Music Center strives to help students of all ages and skill levels explore their musical interest and improve their playing. Some participants are just getting started with a few lessons while others are seasoned members with several years of City Music Center experiences. Pathways include:

Lesson Packages | Saturday Programs 

When is the Saturday Program in session?

City Music Center Saturday Programs operate from September 10, 2022 to May 20, 2023 (32 weekly sessions). City Music Center follows the Duquesne University academic calendar and closure policies. In the event of winter weather or to prevent the spread of infectious disease, City Music Center reserves the right to move all operations online.

CMC Saturday Full Calendar | CMC Saturday Class Schedule

Teaching Policy

Classroom Teachers - If for whatever reason you need to call off, please note you are expected to take one of the following actions:

  • Coordinate a substitute teacher (minimum 4 weeks in advance) with approval from the CMC Executive Director.
  • Provide students with asynchronous learning activities either before or after the date of absence.

Private Teachers - If for whatever reason you need to call off, please note you are expected to notify families and make up all lessons before June 30th (Fiscal year end). Substitutes are not allowed for the sake of lesson continuity.

Attendance Policy

Lesson Cancellation & Make up Lessons - Lessons that are cancelled by the teacher will be made up at a time agreed upon by both parties. Teachers are under no obligation to make up lessons cancelled by students without *prior notification, and such cancellations will not result in any type of adjustment in tuition. This policy applies to both academic-year programs as well as lesson packages.

*Note on student attendance policy (as published on duq.edu/cmcstudents):

Registration - Once registration is finalized, faculty and administration expect that the student will complete the academic year. Students are expected to attend all lessons and classes. Should a student need to withdraw from the program, notification in writing must be given to both faculty and administration. Refunds and tuition adjustments will be at the sole discretion of the CMC Executive Director.

How is Payroll Calculated for the Saturday Programs?

Academic-year pay is determined by multiplying your contacted hourly rate by the total number of billable hours. Billable hours are defined as the time spent teaching lessons and/or classes. In most cases, students enroll for the entire duration of the academic year. In the event a student enrolls after the first day of classes, the student's tuition and faculty billable hours are prorated.

The total amount that is calculated gets sent to Human Resources (HR) on a Scheduled Payroll Authorization (SPA). HR divides and distributes this amount evenly over the academic year (September - May) through bi-weekly paychecks. Faculty will receive a W2 Tax Form at the conclusion of the calendar year.

How is payment processed for Lessons Packages?

City Music Center offers lesson packages to students of all ages. This may include members of the campus community (faculty, staff, employees and students of Duquesne University) as well as residents of the Greater Pittsburgh Area and beyond. Lesson packages provide a necessary flexibility for the student and teacher to build a customized lesson schedule and determine an appropriate frequency (once a week, every other week, twice a week etc.) Faculty are responsible for keeping track of lessons completed as well as informing the student when they are nearing the end of their lesson package. Lesson packages can be purchased at anytime year-round through the City Music Center website.

Faculty are compensated differently for lesson packages than lessons or classes taught for the full academic year (September - May). Upon confirmation of the lesson package purchase, a Non-Scheduled Payroll Authorization (NSPA) will be submitted to the University Accounts Payable Department on behalf of the faculty member teaching the lessons. Payment will be disbursed in a single check or direct deposit. Payments to faculty through NSPA are subject to taxation; HR will provide a 1099 Tax Form at the conclusion of the calendar year.

How do I access my Duquesne University profile?

All CMC employees have access to the Duquesne Online Resources and Information (DORI). Through DORI, you have the ability to update personal information, view paystubs, and check your @duq.edu email account.

Log in to DORI

Accessing Zoom through Duquesne University

All City Music Center employees have access to the institutional Zoom account and can sign in at https://duq.zoom.us using their personal DU Multipass (SSO) credentials. 


If you need help with any of the Duquesne University resources and information, please contact our City Music Center team.

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