Biomedical Engineering and Nursing

Become a Nurse Engineer

As a biomedical engineer, you will be charged with advancing health care treatment for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Having a health care background with clinical experience, especially in Nursing, can greatly enhance your ability to solve clinical problems. Nurses are in the best position to assess the functional health status and technology needs of patients.

Our program is the first dual undergraduate degree program in Biomedical Engineering and Nursing in the U.S. The dual format is cost effective as it provides additional clinical knowledge and skills via a holistic nursing approach. During this five-year program, you will not only gain a deep clinical perspective, but you will also solve real clinical problems and learn to develop technologies such as those that:

  • Assist patients and create efficiencies for nurses in the hospital, outpatient and home care arenas.
  • Are lifesaving and cost effective for developing countries.
Amanda Pellegrino shares her story as BME/BSN dual degree 5th year student. She intends to work in a research hospital doing cardiovascular and pulmonary research.

Program Information

The Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Nursing five-year, onsite program will prepare you to become a nurse engineer. This dual degree program integrates and applies nursing clinical knowledge and engineering principles to solve health care problems and improve health outcomes.

Program Type

Major, Dual Degree



Academic Department


Undergraduate Programs (Nursing)


5 years

Required Credit Hours


Expanding Students' Horizons

Skyler Wrubleski

I work closely with my professors on areas that really matter to me. There are a lot of opportunities to improve health care with regenerative medicine. We look at how we can aid the body to heal itself. It’s a field with a lot of exciting opportunities.

Skyler Wrubleski B.S. in Biomedical Engineering & BSN dual degree candidate
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How Does the Program Work?

Dual Requirements

You are required to meet program outcomes for both the BS in Biomedical Engineering and the BSN programs.

Dual Outcomes

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Justine Valenti

BME Academic Advisor

Brian Bost, MS

Nursing Recruiter