Contact Information


Dr. Adam Drozdek is an Associate Professor of computer science at Duquesne University.


  • PhD Jagiellonian University
  • MS Wright State University
  • MA University of Wroclaw

Profile Information

  • MATH100 Calculus with Algebra I
  • MATH101 College Algebra
  • MATH111 Calculus for Non-science Students
  • COSC100 Elements of Computer Science
  • COSC135 Introduction to Computer Science
  • COSC145 Algorithmic Thinking
  • COSC150 Computer Programming: C++
  • COSC160 Computer Programming: Java
  • COSC215 Java with Data Structures
  • COSC300 Advanced Data Structures
  • COSC305 Computer Logic
  • COSC311 Systems Programming and Design
  • COSC325 Operating Systems and Computer Architecture
  • COSC350 Computers and Humanity
  • COSC401 Data Base Management Systems
  • COSC410 Artificial Intelligence
  • COSC418 Formal Languages and Automata
  • COSC435 Theory of Programming Languages
  • COSC445 System Analysis and Software Design
  • COSC491 Combinatorial Algorithms
  • COSC491 Data Communications
  • COSC491 Data Compression
  • COSC491 Pattern Matching
  • COSC491 String Processing
  • CPMA531 Programming Language: Java
  • CPMA532 Data Structures
  • CPMA Graph Theory and Data Compression
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