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Dr. Adrian Wright-FitzGerald is in her first year as an assistant professor within the Health Sciences Program in the Department of Athletic Training of the John G. Rangos, Sr., School of Health Sciences.

Dr. Wright-FitzGerald received her Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training from Duquesne University (2009) and her Master of Science in Applied Anatomy & Physiology from Boston University (2011). She then spent five years working clinically as an assistant athletic trainer at Bentley University, while being an adjunct faculty member at Lasell College and a clinical preceptor for undergraduate athletic training students from Boston University.

Dr. Wright-FitzGerald transitioned to a full academic role in 2016 where she spent three years as a Lecturer at Boston University in the Sargent College of Rehabilitation Sciences. While at BU, she taught, advised and mentored in the undergraduate and entry level masters athletic training and graduate physical therapy curricula. During her three years at BU, Dr. Wright-FitzGerald worked closely with the Department of Health Science and acted as a faculty chaperone on international service-learning trips to Guatemala, Thailand, and India. Dr. Wright-FitzGerald completed her Doctorate of Athletic Training degree from A.T. Still University in 2020, while teaching and working full time.

Dr. Wright-FitzGerald has over five years of experience working with tactical athlete groups to promote health and wellness and mitigate injury. She has been an invited guest speaker with over 20 different public safety/military groups on strategies for tactical athlete injury prevention. She spent a year working full time with the Boston Fire Department as a Human Performance Specialist, developing and providing full time, in-house programming and education to support injury reduction and improved health, wellness and human performance with all 1500 active-duty members of the Fire Department.

Dr. Wright-FitzGerald is a member of the National Athletic Trainer's Association, the Eastern Athletic Trainer's Association, and the Public Safety Athletic Trainer's Society. Dr. Wright-FitzGerald is licensed through the Pennsylvania State Bord of Medicine, with over 12 years of clinical experience at both the NCAA Division I and II levels. Dr. Wright-FitzGerald has spent the majority of her clinical mileage treating patients who participate in field hockey, wrestling, volleyball, lacrosse, swimming and diving, cross country and track and field. Dr. Wright-FitzGerald has volunteered as a medical first responder at the finish line of the Boston Marathon since 2011.


  • DAT, Athletic Training, A. T. Still University, 2020
  • M.S., Applied Anatomy and Physiology, Boston University, 2011
  • B.S., Athletic Training, Duquesne University, 2009

Research Interests or Expertise

  • Health & wellness promotion, injury mitigation
  • Tactical athlete care delivery
  • Exertional Heat Illness


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  • HLTS115: Introduction to Health and Exercise Science
  • ATHT120: Elements of Athletic Training, Information Literacy and Scientific Terminology
  • HLTS225/L: Current Concepts of Sports Medicine
  • HLTS285: Foundations of Health Promotion and Disease Mitigation