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Dr. Bin Yang received his B.S. degree in Photonics from Jiangsu University (2007) and Wilfrid Laurier University (2008), his M.S. degree in Optics from the University of Rochester (2009), and his Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin (2015). After a brief foray into the industry, in 2016, he joined the University of Pittsburgh for the postdoctoral training in ophthalmic imaging. In August 2019, he joined the Department of Engineering as an Assistant Professor at Duquesne University.


  • Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, 2015
  • M.S., Optics, University of Rochester, 2009
  • B.S., Photonics, Wilfrid Laurier University, 2008
  • B.S., Photonics, Jiangsu University, 2007

Research Interests or Expertise

  • Soft tissue characterization using optical techniques
  • Translational imaging development
  • Computational biomedical optics

Profile Information


The goal of my teaching is to ensure that students can skillfully research topics on the subject matter, critically think through answering questions, and apply their new-found knowledge to real-life applications. It is my hope that the learning experience from my teaching plants seeds of long-lasting influence in their professional and personal development.

Courses that I teach:
  • BMED 444/544 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
  • BMED 431/531 Computational Engineering II
  • BMED 456/556 Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB
  • BMED 510 Modern Methods in Biomedical Engineering
My research has been focused on leveraging the power of the light to solve biomedical problems. With light, an array of optical techniques has been developed in my lab, including structured light illumination, polarized light imaging, and photochemical therapy. These optical techniques have been applied to biomedical imaging, diagnostics, and therapy. Currently, I am pursuing the following research directions:
  • Real-time imaging of collagen architecture and dynamics of thick collagenous tissues
  • In-vivo real-time quantification of the hemodynamics of soft tissues
  • Novel approach for reducing treatment time of clinical corneal crosslinking
  • Monte-Carlo simulation of light-tissue interaction under structured light illumination
Selected publications:
  • Bin Yang, Bryn Brazile, Ning-Jiun Jan, Yi Hua, Junchao Wei, Ian A. Sigal, "Structured polarized light microscopy for collagen fiber structure and orientation quantification in thick ocular tissues." Journal of biomedical optics 23.10 (2018): 106001.
  • Bin Yang, Ning-Jiun Jan, Bryn Brazile, Andrew Voorhees, Kira L. Lathrop, Ian A Sigal, "Polarized light microscopy for 3D mapping of collagen fiber architecture in ocular tissues", Journal of Biophotonics (2018): e201700356.
  • Bin Yang, John Lesicko, Austin Moy, Jason Reichenberg, and James W. Tunnell. "Color structured light imaging of skin", Journal of biomedical optics 21.5 (2016): 050503-050503.
  • Bin Yang, John Lesicko, Manu Sharma, Michael Hill, Michael S. Sacks, and James W. Tunnell. "Polarized Light Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging for Non-Destructive Quantification of Soft Tissue Fibrous Structures", Biomedical Optics Express 6.4 (2015): 1520-1533. (Highest Journal Download, April 2015)
  • Bin Yang, and James W. Tunnell. "Real-time absorption reduced surface fluorescence imaging." Journal of biomedical optics 19.9 (2014): 090505-090505.
  • Bin Yang, Manu Sharma, and James W. Tunnell. "Attenuation-corrected fluorescence extraction for image-guided surgery in spatial frequency domain", Journal of biomedical optics 18.8 (2013): 080503-080503.
Selected presentations:
  • Bin Yang*, Po-Yi Lee, Melissa Echard, Ziyi Zhu, Fengting Ji, Benjamin Bernarding, Ian A Sigal, "Real-time structured polarized light imaging (rtSPLI) for thick ocular tissue dynamics", ARVO Imaging in the Eye Conference 2020, May 1 - May 2, 2020, Baltimore, MD, USA
  • Secaida Del Cid, L., Lee, P., Bernarding, B., Herman, M., Sigal, I., Bin Yang* (2020). Investigating Spectral Dependence of White Light Illumination in Instant Polarized Light Microscopy. National Conferences on Undergraduate Research 2020, Bozeman, Montana.
  • Bin Yang, Po-Yi Lee, Yi Hua, Bryn Brazile, Ziyi Zhu, Fengting Ji, Ian A. Sigal, "Multi-scale elastography: imaging the collagen fibers and their interactions during mechanical testing", SPIE Photonics West on BIOS, 1- 6 February 2020, San Francisco, CA, USA.
  • Bin Yang, Po-Yi Lee, Bryn Brazile, Ian Sigal, "Snapshot polarized light microscopy to visualize and quantify collagenous soft tissue microstructure at 156 frames/second", Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering, and Biotransport Conference, June 25 - 28, 2019, Seven Springs, PA, USA
  • Bin Yang, Bryn Brazile, Ning-Jiun Jan, and Ian A. Sigal, "Structured polarized light microscopy (SPLM) for mapping collagen fiber orientation of ocular tissues", SPIE Photonics West on BIOS, 27 January - 1 February 2018, San Francisco, CA, USA.
  • Bin Yang, James W. Tunnell, "Attenuation correction in molecular fluorescence imaging". SPIE Photonics West on BIOS, 13-18 February 2016, San Francisco, CA, USA (Invited Paper)
  • Bin Yang, John Lesickob, Michael S. Sacks, James Tunnell, "Handheld Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging System for Skin Imaging', BMES, 22-25 Oct. 2014, San Antonio, Texas, USA
  • Bin Yang, John Lesickob, Manu Sharma, Michael R. Hill, Michael S. Sacks, James Tunnell, "Fibrous Structure Orientation Mapping with Top Layer Discrimination using Polarized Light Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging (pSFDI)", BIOMED, 26-30 April 2014, Miami Hilton Downtown, Miami, Florida, USA