Dr. Fatiha Benmokhtar is an experimental particle Physicist who studies the internal structure and dynamics of strongly interacting matter with fixed target electron scattering experiments. She carries her research work at the Department of Energy’s Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility ( a leading user facility in electron laser beams. Specifically, Dr. Benmokhtar investigates elementary quark, anti-quarks and gluons that constitute matter, short range correlations in light nuclei and the Physics beyond the Standard Model with high precision parity violation measurements.

Students are deeply involved in this research through software development and data analysis at Duquesne University and hardware work, and high tech electronics tests at Jefferson Lab and other laboratories worldwide.


  • Ph.D. Experimental Particle Physics, Rutgers University
  • MS. Experimental Particle Physics, USTHB Algiers/ISN Grenoble 
  • BS. Physics of Radiations, USTHB Algiers

Research Interests

  • Proton Structure: Studies of the quark and gluons dynamics inside the nucleon.
  • Few Body Short Range Correlations: Studies of protons and neutrons momenta distributions. 
  • Parity Violation: High precise Measurements experiments to test the predictions of the standard model of Particle Physics.


Profile Information


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Google Scholar Profile
  • School Excellence Award in Scholarship
  • School Excellence Award in Service
  • School Excellence Award in Teaching
  • National Science Foundation 2023: "Studies of the Proton Structure with Electron Beams"