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After receiving his Ph.D. in economics from Florida State University in 1981, Dr. Marlin taught at Winthrop University and then Old Dominion University prior to accepting an appointment to the economics faculty at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA in 1987. He currently holds the rank of Full Professor and serves as the Chair of the Economics and Quantitative Sciences Division.

Although his research interests and experience include municipal bond markets, public sector labor markets, and forensic economics, his love of travel led him to initiate the School of Business's three week European Study Abroad Program in 1992, and he directed the Program until the late 1990s. During this period he organized student trips to France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Ireland and Turkey. Because of his personal interest in foreign economies and cultures, he developed the School's course in Global Economic Perspectives and this remains his primary teaching interest and responsibility. Although he passed the leadership of the Study Abroad on to others, he recently was "coaxed" out of study abroad retirement to accompany students to China and Japan.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr. Marlin is active as an expert witness in cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, and wrongful termination. In this capacity he has prepared economic loss estimates in over 250 cases. His involvement in this area not only has led to academic publications in the field, but also his being the recent past president of the American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts and the upcoming editor of the Journal of Legal Economics.

Dr. Marlin has published articles in the following academic/professional journals: Journal of Legal Economics, The Lawyers Journal, Journal of Legal Education, Municipal Finance Journal, International Executive, Public Administration Review, Midwestern Business and Economic Review, The Financial Review, The Review of Regional Studies, Economic Development Quarterly, Policy Studies Journal, Urban Affairs Quarterly, Transportation Research Record, Virginia Social Science Journal, Growth and Change, Tidewater Virginian, Tidewater Economic Report, Hampton Roads Portfolio. He has also authored chapters in the following texts: Forensic Science and the Law; Forensic Science; Government and Business Finance: Global Perspectives on Economic Development; Financing Economic Development; and Financing Florida State Government.


Articles in Journals

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Paper Presentations

Marlin, M. (2011). Interest Rates and Present Value. Continuing Legal Education Seminar, Duquesne University, PA, Pennsylvania.

Marlin, M. & Condon, M. (2010). Ethnicity and Worklife Expectancy. American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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