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  • Ph.D., Physics/General Relativity, University of Pittsburgh, 1995
  • M.S., Physics, University of Pittsburgh, 1993
  • Licenciada, en Fisica, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina, 1990

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PHYS 302 Optics

PHYS 461 Mechanics

PHYS 473 Electrodynamics

PHYS 481 Descriptive Cosmology

UCOR 127 Cosmology

1. 'Well-posed ADM equivalent of the Bondi-Sachs problem,' S. Frittelli, Physical Review D 73, 124001 (2006)

2. 'Initial-value-problem of the self-gravitating scalar field in the Bondi-Sachs gauge,' S. Frittelli and R. Gomez, Physical Review D 75, 044021 (2007)

3. 'A framework for large-scale relativistic simulations in the characteristic approach,' R. Gomez, W. Barreto and S. Frittelli, Physical Review D 76, 124029 (2007).

4. 'Study of errors in strong gravitational lensing,' T. P. Kling and S. Frittelli, Astrophysical Journal 675, 115-125 (2008).

5. 'Accuracy of the thin-lens approximation in strong lensing by smoothly truncated dark matter haloes,' S. Frittelli and T. P. Kling, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 415, 3599-3608 (2011).

Dr. Simonetta Frittelli's research is centered in general relativity and has a wide scope, ranging from the mathematical foundations of simulations of dynamical gravitating systems to astrophysical applications. Her main interests reside in applying results from the theory of partial differential equations to the Einstein system, in order to advance strategies for improving the stability and accuracy of computer simulations. Most of her work in this area applies to the case of spacelike foliations of spacetime and first-order representations of the Einstein equations in varied gauges. She collaborates in the study of numerical simulations in the characteristic representation as well.

Beyond the Einstein equations themselves, her interests include enhancing the accuracy of the mass estimates arising from the gravitationally lensed images of astrophysical beacons at cosmological distances.