Application for Driving Privileges

In accordance with TAP 38, any University student, faculty, or staff member who wishes to operate a University Insured Vehicle must complete this form and meet all associated requirements before being permitted to drive.

Auto Accident (Incident) Report Form

Drivers operating a University Insured Vehicle (see TAP 38) must report all accidents, regardless of damage, to the Office of Risk Management. The information requested on this form will enable the Office of Risk Management to report auto claims to the University's insurance carrier. The Auto Accident Report Form has been combined with the Incident Report form to submit all incidents at the University as of May 2023. Please complete the injury and/or property damage portions of this form if either occurred in the accident and respond as thoroughly as possible. If you do not have the information requested, indicate N/A.

Certificate of Insurance Requests for Former Students Related to Potential Employment

Employers may request that former students provide them with a Certificate of Insurance evidencing University insurance coverage during the former student's time as a University student (also called "evidence of coverage"). This is most often requested by employers in the medical field. Use this form to request a Certificate of Insurance related to potential employment.

Certificate of Insurance Requests for University Departments and Organizations

It is common for a non-affiliated individual or organization to request a Certificate of Insurance related to off-campus rentals, events, etc. (also called "evidence of coverage"). A Certificate of Insurance is proof of insurance coverage. Use this form to request a Certificate of Insurance unrelated to potential employment. Upon request, you will be asked to confirm the existence of a contractual relationship between the University and the non-affiliated individual or organization. For questions regarding contracts, contact Associate General Counsel Shane%20Sarver, (412) 396-1445.

Incident Report Form

This form is for anyone who has been involved in an Incident while on Duquesne University property or while conducting business for the University that resulted in an injury or in damage to property. Please respond as thoroughly as possible. If you do not have the information requested, indicate N/A. Individuals without Duquesne University Multipass access will need a University representative to complete this form. Parkhurst employees need not use this form. Parkhurst employees should report all incidents to their supervisor.

Minors Programs

Please visit the Minors Programs page for more information regarding these programs and related forms.

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct

Learn more about available reporting options or report an incident anonymously.


Please visit the Volunteers page for general information regarding volunteering at Duquesne University and related forms.