TAP No. 39: Records Retention

The University Archives shall be the official repository for all non-current, inactive records of the University. Noncurrent, inactive records are defined as those records which are no longer required for the day-to-day operation of any particular office but must be retained for legal, fiscal, research or administrative purposes, yet are so rarely used as to no longer justify their maintenance in office space and equipment. All non-current, inactive records of historical, research, administrative, and legal value shall be deposited in the University Archives. The University Archives shall be the central location of all such documents.

University records are defined as all documents, regardless of form, produced, received, and kept by any agency, officer, or employee of the University in the conduct of its business. Records produced or received by any agency or employee of the University in the transaction of University business become University property and subject to University policy for retention/disposal, access, and publication. Records produced or received by faculty or staff in administrative and University committee service capacities are also considered University records.

The University Archivist shall be responsible for the administration, determination of value, use, preservation, storage, and disposition of the inactive and archival records. The University Archivist, through standard archival theories, practices and procedures, shall be responsible for collecting, organizing, preserving, and providing access to those records which are of enduring value.

All University publications shall also be deposited in the University Archives. This includes photographs, videos/films, student publications, newsletters, announcements, or any other publication by the University.

Departments should contact the University Archives before transferring their inactive records. A Records Transfer Form will be provided to the departments and should be completed by the departmental staff when the records are to be transferred to the University Archives. The Archives may also make special requests for material that is judged to be significant for its disposition. Departments should consult the University Archivist before they dispose of any records no longer used by that office