Professional Selling

The Certificate in Professional Selling is available to students outside of the School of Business who wish to pursue a sales-related career within their discipline. Examples include careers in health care sales, entertainment industry sales, pharmaceutical sales, technical sales or even recruiting.

Program Information

The Certificate in Professional Selling is available to students outside of the School of Business who wish to pursue a sales-related career within their discipline.



Academic Department

Management and Marketing

Course Descriptions: Required

3 credits

Marketing and Business Development is designed to educate students about the organizational functions of marketing and business development and their impact on organization success, society and the economy. In this course, students acquire comprehensive knowledge about marketing concepts, programs and strategies to develop sustainable relations with the market and create mutual value for the organization and its stakeholders. The course emphasizes business development which includes personal selling strategies, product and service innovation, strategic market system alliances and new market development. The challenges marketing professionals face are analyzed and ethical ways of approaching them are identified. Through the use of projects, written assignments, case discussions, and newsworthy marketing issues and trends, students are encouraged to apply the marketing process to managerial situations and opportunities. 
3 credits

Sales Fundamentals is a comprehensive course designed to equip students with the foundational skills essential for success in sales. Covering the entire selling process from prospecting strategies to pre-call planning, meeting execution, and long-term relationship building, students will learn essential techniques for identifying leads, cultivating relationships, and mastering persuasive communication to close sales. Through engaging with experienced sales professionals, students gain valuable insights into diverse sales professions within the industry. By the course's conclusion, students will possess a solid understanding of sales principles, along with practical skills adaptable to various sales environments, providing a strong foundation for success in sales careers.
3 credits

This course uses theories and research that explain and predict consumer and organizational buying behavior. The course examines concepts that have implications for marketing management decisions, including individual and group decision-making, socio-cultural and psychological factors that influence consumer attitudes, and consumer research. Projects are assigned to allow students to apply theoretical concepts to real world challenges and experiences.

Prerequisite: MKTG 271  
3 credits

Negotiations are a basic component of business. Whether you are buying or selling, hiring or firing, or reporting or being reported to, you are engaged in negotiations. Becoming more skillful in negotiations will involve learning how to reason clearly through a simple analytical framework. This will be a skill that will have many uses in a business career. The course of International Negotiation is the academic opportunity for students to learn about negotiations and to acquire specialized knowledge of negotiations in international settings, and develop familiarity and competency in the dynamics of the process of actual multi-lateral negotiation. The course serves two primary outcomes: First, participants acquire in-depth understanding of theories and concepts of negotiation in general, and in international settings. Second, participants develop competency to participate and collaborate in actual international negotiation to build enduring agreement. Concepts and competencies learned in this course have wide applications and make this course valuable component of many academic disciplines.
3 credits

Students will have the opportunity to earn numerous digital tool certifications in this course, including several HubSpot digital marketing certifications (i.e., Digital Marketing, Sales Software, Marketing Software, Email Marketing, and Digital Advertising) and a Business Administration Specialist Superbadge. Additional digital marketing topics that will be covered include social media and marketing automation, customer relationship management, content marketing, digital advertising, and email marketing.