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Outstanding Faculty-Supervised Course Papers

  • Outstanding Faculty-Supervised Course Papers

Duquesne University School of Law is pleased to present the following exceptional student-authored papers

At the end of each academic year, faculty members nominate papers they deem to be outstanding examples of students meeting the rigorous "publishable quality" requirement of the American Bar Association Standards. All nominated papers are then submitted to the Student Publications Committee, and the Committee makes the final determination of papers appropriate for inclusion here on the website.


Jason E. Piatt, Class of 2018

Class Action Lawsuits in Pennsylvania:  A Comparative Study of Pennsylvania State and Federal Practice

Samantha Zimmer, Class of 2018

Protecting ISP Customer Proprietary Network Information in Pennsylvania


Robert Clark, Class of 2017

Pennsylvania Local Government: A Peculiar System and Its Implications

Kirsten Hannah, Class of 2018

From Heinrich Von Kleists's Michael Kohlhass to Frank Miller's Daredevil: The Contemporary Law and Literature Movement in Graphic Novels and Comic Books

P. Michael Jones, Class of 2017

The Pennsylvania Liquor Code

Patrick Macaluso, Class of 2017

Justice in the Era of Silent Crimes: Addressing the Need to Update International and Domestic Law to Respond to the Threat of Cyber Warfare and Cyber Crimes

Rebecca Traylor, Class of 2017

The Beneficial Use of Community Benefits Agreements in Furthering the Environmental Justice Movement


Robert Clark, Class of 2017

Witch Hunts and the Sexual Assault Enterprise on the Modern Campus

Revising FIFA's Laws of the Game


Meghan L. Collins, Class of 2016

Still Standing, New Branding: Corporate Crossroads of Shaping a Modern Brand While Protecting Intellectual Property


Brandon Betts, Class of 2015

We the Athletes: A Proposal for a More Perfect Union in College Sports Following O’Bannon v. NCAA

Robert N. Dare, Class of 2014

The Road to Regulation: Embracing the Rise of Ridesharing in Pennsylvania

Kristin L. Hravnak, Class of 2015

Framing the Brain Game: Neuroimaging and Social Science as the Basis of Expert Testimony in Video Game Litigation and Regulation

Ernest J. Pribanic, Class of 2014

Overcoming the “Essential Paradox” of Expert Testimony: Teaching Attorneys How to Become Better Teachers

Emilia Rinaldi, Class of 2015

Pharmaceutical Patents after Actavis: The Challenge of Promoting Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Justin Ring, Class of 2014

The Fraudulent Filing Problem

Kevin Shaw, Class of 2015

Plowshares into Swords: How the Transformation of Patents from Rewards to Weapons Reveals the Limits of Antitrust


Kaitlyn R. Kacsuta, Class of 2013

The Broken System of Collegiate Athletics: Pennsylvania Student-Athlete Bill of Rights

Elsbeth M. Koefer, Class of 2013

Pennsylvania's HIV Stigmatization Act

Matthew J. McClelland, Class of 2014

A Review of Pennsylvania's Child Abuse Reporting Law

Genevieve Ann Pecharka, Class of 2013

A Bill to be Submitted to the Pennsylvania Legislature, Concerning Central Registration of Body Art Facilities and Licensure of Body Artists

Ryan John Wilk, Class of 2013

Drafting a Workable Federal Journalist Privilege: the News Media Confidentiality Act of 2013