We invite you to learn more about undergraduate communication at Duquesne through our majors, curriculum, undergraduate professional development and internships:


  • Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) unites advertising and public relations with the breadth of the marketing communication field for ethical strategic communication in a changing world. The IMC major prepares graduates for service in advertising and public relations agencies, integrated marketing communication agencies, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and public institutions.
  • Corporate Communication addresses organizational communication strategies that prepare students for ethical decision-making and leadership in for-profit and non-profit contexts. Graduates are prepared to work in management, corporate communication contexts, nonprofit development and communication, human resource development, public affairs, community relations, and entrepreneurial contexts.
  • Rhetoric combines ethical concern for contemporary issues with artful public persuasion. It reflects our department's strong philosophical and humanities focus. Argumentation and persuasion are skills fundamental to this major and are informed by rhetorical theory and philosophy of communication. As a Rhetoric major, you will analyze the practice of these theories in areas such as religion, free speech, organizational communication, and popular culture.
  • Communication Studies charges students with the responsibility to design a unique plan of study with undergraduate directors. This major optimizes specific marketplace participation in the area of communication.

Each major provides opportunities for you to put theory into practice, honing your skills as a communication professional. We prepare you to be a communication leader who will shape this century.

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