Psychology, as discipline and practice, holds tremendous emancipatory potential - across all levels of the individual, family, community, and nation. Unfortunately, however, it does not always rise to its full potential. One such constraining condition pertains to the lack of equitable training and representation of practitioners from diverse backgrounds. We believe the field of psychology - as scholarly discipline, as well as service profession - is impoverished and limited by this state of affairs. The summer fellowship at Duquesne University is one of several ways we attempt some measure of redress.

For sixty years, the psychology program at Duquesne has trained exemplary psychologists. Our program is fully APA accredited, one of only two accredited human science psychology programs in the country. As a human science psychology program, we emphasize qualitative research, philosophical psychological engagement, ethical clinical training, community engagement, and social justice.

We offer a fully funded fellowship, inclusive of travel, meals, and accommodation support to participants in our week-long residential program of activities. This year, our fellowship program will run from June 23, 2024 through June 29, 2024

Program Objectives

The goal of the psychology summer fellowship is to:

  • prepare prospective students from underrepresented populations for graduate studies in psychology, with particular emphasis on:
    • the variety of graduate school options
    • professional options and diverse career opportunities
    • the graduate school application process
  • provide prospective students from underrepresented populations with a resource community.
  • introduce prospective students from underrepresented populations to a human science psychology, inclusive of:
    • Therapy and Counseling
    • Research (especially qualitative and community engaged research)
    • Philosophical Psychology

Application Requirements

Any interested students must complete the online application linked at the top of this page by February 29, 2024

Along with the application, interested students must submit two letters of recommendation. Referees may submit to psychologyFREEDUQUESNE by February 29, 2024.

Interested students should submit an updated curriculum vitae that lays out list of professional and academic experiences.


about the Psychology Summer Fellowship Program

The fellowship program runs for a week, from Sunday afternoon through Saturday morning.
The fellowship is fully funded. We will cover your travel expenses to Pittsburgh, as well as your lodging, and meals.
February 29, 2024
No later than March 22, 2024