Discover Liberal Arts – Undecided

Considering possible majors? Finding a way to combine your interests? That's good! Many students begin college before they decide on a major, and many students change their major at some point in their academic journey.

Discover Your Strengths

Start by completing our first-year registration form, ranking your areas of interest among 30+ majors and minors in the liberal arts:

  • Your Student Success Coach will work to include you in those preferred courses your first semester.
  • See which courses feel right for you at the start of your college experience, wasting no time honing in on what means most to you.
  • If you choose to pivot, those courses still count towards other University and Liberal Arts requirements.


Work collaboratively with your Student Success Coach each semester to talk through what you like best. As a Liberal Arts student, you have more autonomy around your schedule, so your courses are focused around your interests.

Program Information

Whether you consider yourself undecided, undeclared or exploring possible majors, we'll help you find a Liberal Arts career path that is right for you in our Discover Liberal Arts program.


Connect with the College of Liberal Arts!

Hali Evans, MSOD

Director of Undergraduate Recruitment

Hali Evans

Our Bridges Curriculum

Along with your Liberal Arts courses, you will also take Duquesne's Bridges Common Learning Experience curriculum. Bridges prepares you for what's next and ensures you'll never have to narrow your ambitions.

As a Liberal Arts student, courses can double and even triple count towards degree requirements, which means you have more opportunity to double major or pick up multiple minors! No need to commit to just one passion.

Find Your People From the Start

All Liberal Arts students have the chance to live and learn with other students with similar passions—and this is extra beneficial to Discover students. What better way to really dig in than to take courses in different areas on a similar theme, with other people exploring?

  • Select a Learning Community based on a major you are considering and see where that immersive environment takes you.
  • Apply what you are learning in the classroom out in the community.
  • Live in the same residence as those in your Learning Community, and build relationships that last a lifetime.
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Helping You Reach Your Bigger Goals