External Funding


Investigators Project Title Sponsor Project Period
Campbell, Grace Betty Irene Moore Fellowship for Nurse Leaders and Innovators Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation 07/01/22 - 06/30/25
Colbert, Alison BSN-AID: Supporting Success for Second Degree Students Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) 07/01/22 - 06/30/25
Colbert, Alison Expanding SANE Services to Victims of Sexual Assault on Campus Department of Justice 10/02/20 - 10/01/23
Devido, Jessica Macy Faculty Scholar Macy Foundation 09/01/21 - 08/31/23
Kronk, Rebecca STAGES II  -  A Theater Program for Youth with Disabilities Edith Trees 01/01/22 - 09/15/22

Kronk, Rebecca

(with Rita Mihailescu of the Bayer School of Natural and Environmental Sciences)

Genomic Competencies for Nurses from Theory to Application: An Online Long Course National Institutes of Health (NIH) 05/15/21 - 02/28/26
Sekula, Kathleen Increasing the Number of SANEs via Digital Technologies HRSA
Initial award and competitive renewal
09/30/18 - 06/30/24
Steers, Mai-Ly A Social Media Personalized Normative Feedback Intervention for Heavy Drinking Students National Institutes of Health (NIH) NIAAA 09/15/19 - 08/31/22

Previous 5 Years

Investigators Project Title Sponsor Project Period
Colbert, Alison Equity Access: Educating and Empowering Healthcare Providers to Make Healthcare More Accessible FISA Foundation 02/13/20 - 02/12/22
Colbert, Alison Advancing Nursing Education in Care for People with Disabilities Using the 'From Wrongs to Rights' Digital Archive FISA Foundation 01/01/18 - 05/31/19
Colbert, Alison Healthcare for People with Disabilities During COVID-19: A Qualitative Study Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 01/01/21 - 12/31/21
Colbert, Alison Prenatal Support and Doula Services for Incarcerated Women Opportunity Fund 01/01/19 - 12/31/19
Garand, Linda Evidence Based Mental Health Services for Distressed Military Family Caregivers US Department of Defense (DOD) 07/01/16 - 06/30/20
Kalarchian, Melissa Psychosocial Issues and Bariatric Surgery: LABS3 National Institutes of Health (NIH) NIDDK 09/01/14 - 06/30/18
Kalarchian, Melissa (with Jessica Hammer of Carnegie Mellon University) Frolic, An Obesity Prevention Game for Girls National Institute of Health (NIH) Shape of Health Challenge 10/08/19 - 08/31/21
Karakachian, Angela Nurses' Moral Distress as They Care for Victims of Child Maltreatment International Association of Forensic Nurses/Sigma Theta Tau 04/01/19 - 03/31/20
Kelley, Patricia Watts Accounts of Care Partnerships with Service Members from Iraq and Afghanistan Wars TriService Nursing Research Program (TSNRP) 12/10/18 - 06/30/21
Kelley, Patricia Watts Global Health Engagement Missions: Lessons Learned Abroad US Naval Hospital Ships TriService Nursing Research Program (TSNRP) 11/01/15 - 06/30/18
Kelley, Patricia Watts
Crider, Mark)
Nurse Education, Practice, Quality and Retention Veterans' Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) 07/01/14 - 06/30/19
Kronk, Rebecca Authentic Simulation: Promoting Better Healthcare for Children with Disabilities Edith Trees 01/01/18 - 12/31/19
Kronk, Rebecca STAGES II - A Theater Program for Youth with Disabilities Edith Trees 01/01/19 - 09/15/19
Kronk, Rebecca STAGES II - A Theater Program for Youth with Disabilities Edith Trees 01/01/20 - 09/15/20
Kronk, Rebecca Authentic Simulation: A Way to Promote the Healthcare of People with Disabilities Hearst Foundation 04/20/18 - 05/01/19
Rost, Cynthia RN+Win program Snee-Reinhardt Foundation 07/01/16 - 06/30/17
Salman, Khlood Enhancing Vaccination Practice Behavior Among Refugee and Immigrant Children Pennsylvania American Academy of Pediatrics (PA-AAP) 12/10/21 - 06/30/22
Zoucha, Rick Understanding the cultural values, beliefs, and perceptions of COVID-19 and the COVID vaccines in the African American community: A Focused Ethnography Chi Eta Phi National 03/01/21 - 06/30/21
Zoucha, Rick Toward Mental Health Equity, Empowering Female Veterans: Promoting Mental Health First Aid Highmark Foundation 01/01/19 - 02/01/20
Zoucha, Rick Celebrating Health in Pittsburgh's Diverse Communities American Association of Colleges of Nursing/ (NIH) as a part of the All of Us Mini Grant 10/23/18 - 02/28/19