Executive Nurse Leadership and Health Care Management

Collaboration between professionals is essential for the success of today’s health care systems. Nurses, physicians and other staff must be able to communicate and work together to ensure procedures and daily operations run smoothly. Earn your MSN in Executive Nurse Leadership and expand your understanding of how health care systems function from a business perspective and learn how you can make an impact as a nurse executive.

Your experience as a nurse is indispensable, and you have the unique ability to pair it with business knowledge gained through our MSN program to innovate health care systems at budgetary, quality care and strategic levels. You will be prepared to lead a team of nurses, lead a department or sit on the executive board of a hospital or larger health care system.


Program Information

The Master of Science in Nursing, Executive Nurse Leadership and Health Care Management is a two-year online program that prepares you for administrative health care roles. You will expand your organizational leadership and business skills to drive health care innovation and outcomes. This program is offered in partnership with the Palumbo-Donahue School of Business.

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2 years

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Nationally Ranked #9

We help nurses achieve bigger goals towards nursing administration and leadership. In 2023, U.S. News & World Reports ranked our Online MSN Executive Leadership Program #9 in the nation.