Emma Brinton, wearing her white pharmacist coat, checking a patient's vitals

Physician Assistant Studies

First Five-Year, Entry Level Master's Degree for PAs 

Emma Brinton recently graduated with a Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree. As a Duquesne University swimmer who competed in the U.S. Olympic trials, she credits her coaches and professors for the support needed to reach her bigger goals.

Emma Brinton, swimming swiftly in the poolThe Physician Assistant Studies program at Duquesne is the first-ever five-year, entry-level master's degree program in the nation. Because they are both teachers and active professionals, our faculty know this unique program can help you realize your goals. 

"It's a tough balance to manage both athletics and academics successfully, but I received a ton of support from everyone at Duquesne," Emma says.

Students like Emma become skilled health professionals licensed to practice medicine with physician supervision. Graduates are prepared to provide a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic services in primary and specialty care in medical and surgical practice settings.

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Preparing You For Anything

Students who complete the five-year curriculum earn both a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree and a Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree.

The program is completed in two phases. Pre-requisite courses throughout the three-year pre-professional phase provide the strong science background necessary for academic success in the accredited student phase. 

Pre-professional phase students meet with PA program faculty on a regular basis and have numerous opportunities to learn more about the program and the PA profession. Once the pre-professional phase is completed, students advance into the accredited phase of the program.

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Our PA Program Stands Out

With over 800 successful graduates of the program, Duquesne University is recognized for educating highly qualified clinical practitioners. Our graduates perform exceptionally on the Physician Assistant National Certification Examination, and their clinical practice spans a variety of medical and surgical specialties.

Guided by highly qualified and experienced faculty, students receive top-notch instruction in a state-of-the-art facility.

A Leading Model in PA Education

Duquesne's first-of-its-kind five-year program prepares students with the skills, experience and confidence to provide exceptional patient care—and we'll get you there in just five years. Though many PA programs across the country offer a master's degree, the few that offer an entry-level master's program require six or more years of education. Our five-year program gives you the education and experience you need to share your gifts with the world sooner than later.