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The Center for African Studies offers research and Study Abroad opportunities. For any inquiries regarding this, contact the Center for more information.

Grant Opportunities

The Loogman Grant 2023 Winners

Kathleen Sekula  Alison Colbert

Drs. Kathleen Sekula and Alison Colbert, School of Nursing 

Title: The Healthcare Response to Violence Against Women in Kenya: Barriers and Facilitators to Forensic Nursing Care

Abstract: Kenya has both alarmingly high rates of violence against women and an urgent unmet need for an adequately trained healthcare response. Despite previous efforts and a significant mandate from the country’s nursing authority, no substantive progress has been made in developing and implementing the forensic nursing role in Kenya. The Loogman grant will support two forensic nurse researchers from Duquesne University to collaborate with nurse faculty from The Aga Khan University in Nairobi to address two primary research questions: According to nurse clinicians and educators, what are the most critical needs related to providing healthcare to victims of violence in Kenya, and what is the current state of forensic nursing care in Kenya? The prevalence of Kenyan women experiencing interpersonal violence (IPV) is estimated to be about 39%. Similarly, it has been found that 49% of Kenyan women report experiencing interpersonal violence beginning after age 15, reinforcing that interpersonal violence within intimate partner relationships and gender-based violence remain major public health problems. According to our Kenyan nurse colleagues, the incidences of violence have overwhelmed the population and the healthcare system. Additionally, effectively caring for victims of violence, both adults and children, is not possible without specialized training. Forensic nursing, the specialty charged with providing care for victims, can be a critical element of a comprehensive response.

The proposed mixed methods research seeks to better understand Kenya’s educational and practice landscape regarding delivering healthcare services for victims of violence. The specific expected results of the Loogman grant are to: complete a mixed methods research study regarding the provision of forensic nursing care in Kenya and then to disseminate the results of the study to various scholarly audiences, including presenting study results in the Fall of 2024 at the Annual International Association of Forensic Nurses conference. And publishing study results in a peer-reviewed journal. 

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Study Abroad

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Scholar in Residence

Visiting Scholar Process

Founded in 1878 by the Congregation of the Holy Spirit, Duquesne University places a premium on vibrant and high-caliber scholarly research. This commitment is enhanced when scholars engage with one another from various disciplinary, cultural, social and ideological perspectives. Such engagement serves to benefit both the scholar, who is able to access the many resources available on campus, and the University community, which comes to share in the scholar's insights.

Duquesne's Center for African Studies offers the opportunity for such engagement through its Scholar-in-Residence program. The goals of the program are (i) to support scholars in African Studies as they pursue new or ongoing research projects that result in presentations or publications, and (ii) to encourage scholars to contribute fresh and innovative perspectives that maintain the intellectual vitality of the Center and the University.

This program is primarily intended for scholars who already have funding from their home institutions (e.g., in the form of a sabbatical leave), a foundation, or a government, and who seek supplemental funding and academic institutional support to fulfill their scholarly agenda. The program particularly seeks to support faculty members as they work to complete research projects for publication.


The Scholar-in-Residence program is open to scholars who hold terminal degrees in any discipline. The research proposed must be in the field of African Studies, broadly understood. Scholars from, and research on, sub-Saharan Africa may be given priority.


Scholars may be supported for either one or two semesters.

Benefits and Responsibilities

Scholars are provided with a computer and office space in the Center for African Studies, in an academic department appropriate to their research project, or in the library. They enjoy full access to the scholarly resources of the University community. Scholars agree to give at least one public lecture during their time on campus and to make themselves available for formal and informal conversation with faculty and students. By prior agreement, scholars may also teach a graduate or advanced undergraduate seminar. Scholars supported for two semesters may be asked to undertake additional responsibilities.

Scholars must acknowledge the support of Duquesne University and its Center for African Studies in any publication or presentation of the research they undertake during the period of the award.


Scholars receive stipends of $14,000 per semester. Employee benefits are not provided. In addition, scholars may be reimbursed up to $4,000 per semester for relocation and living expenses and up to $3,000 per semester for professional travel and other expenses related to their research projects. Housing on campus at a reduced rate is sometimes available.

Visa Status

  • Scholars may be nominated or apply directly. In either case, a complete application must include:
  • Scholar-in-Residence Application Form
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter from the applicant (i) describing the proposed research topic, (ii) explaining the nature and significance of the project, (iii) detailing its impact on scholarship in the applicant's field of study, and (iv) offering a detailed plan for completing the research and publishing the results
  • Letter of recommendation from a department head, dean or other administrator at the applicant's current institution who is knowledgeable about her/his research
  • Names and current contact information for two additional references
  • Letter verifying the applicant's primary source of funding for the period in question
    Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applications may be submitted at any time, either in hard copy (to Selection Committee, Center for African Studies, Duquesne University, 600 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15282, USA) or electronically as a single .pdf file (to africanstudiesFREEDUQUESNE).


Applications will be reviewed by members of the Advisory Board of the Center for African Studies who will evaluate the scholarly merit and feasibility of the research project proposed and its relevance both to the goals of this program and to the Mission of Duquesne University (see

Dr. Rijasoa Andriamanana Josoa


Dr. Rijasoa Andriamanana Josoa is an Assistant Professor of Applied Modern Languages at the School of Business and International Languages, University of Mahajanga, Madagascar.  An Africanist scholar in education, her primary research includes exploring and implementing liberatory and collaborative practices in postcolonial settings. To that extent, in her language and research classes, she invites students to share their cultural background, life stories, and lived experiences and use them as motivational activities for group interactions, pedagogical tools for lesson contents, and enjoyable moments for identity celebration. Dr. Rijasoa’s goal is to enhance learning experience and implement decolonial approaches by connecting the academic and real worlds without compromising students’ heterogeneous identities, diverse heritages, and different aspirations. During her time as a Scholar-in-Residence at Duquesne, Rijasoa will write about decolonizing education through an analysis of current beliefs on Malagasy people’s intelligence that is based on skin color, hair type, region of origin, and language spoken.       




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