We offer African Studies as a Minor, African Studies as a Secondary Major, Global Health Minor and Concentration programs at our Center. An inherently interdisciplinary program, an African Studies minor offers a broad selection of courses on Africa that will provide you with a rich understanding of the many African traditions, cultures, and contemporary and historical issues. You will gain a cross-cultural perspective that is invaluable in today's global marketplace. Regardless of your major, you might consider adding breadth to your academic program and choose African Studies as a secondary major. As a student in the Global Health Program, we will help you to advance your awareness of alternative world perspectives and the issues that influence community health, become an emerging global health leader, learn how to address the health concerns of diverse, vulnerable populations worldwide, and develop the skills to successfully collaborate and address global health challenges with international health professionals and organizations.

Mission Statement

The Center of African Studies promotes Duquesne University's constructive engagement with Africa and the African diaspora through teaching, scholarship, and service. It strives to create and encourage opportunities to experience the many rich African traditions and cultures from interdisciplinary and multicultural perspectives.

Goals/Learning Outcomes

  • To create and promote interdisciplinary academic programs in African Studies and Global Health
  • To provide community engagement opportunities for faculty and students with Africa and the African diaspora
  • To encourage and support research opportunities in African Studies and Global Health
  • To engage the university community in critical discussions through invited speakers and other events on issues related to African Studies and Global Health
  • To facilitate, support, and coordinate agreements between Duquesne University and academic institutions in Africa and the African diaspora