The Cashier's Office receives and processes all University tuition payments and deposits in a timely and accurate manner; while providing prompt and courteous service to all students, parents, and University personnel.

We can assist you with:

  • Processing Tuition Payments
  • Receipt and processing of University Cash Receipt (CR-1) Forms
  • Transact eCommerce 
  • Credit card processing machines

Cashier's Office forms are located on DORI

Tuition Payment Portal

Paying your Tuition Bill

All students and authorized payers will receive an e-mail notification when tuition bills are posted. If a parent, guardian, or spouse pays your invoice, students must designate that individual as an authorized payer in Tuition Payment Portal.

The entire account balance is due by the end of the first week of classes. Any unpaid balance will be assessed a 1.5% late fee each month thereafter unless enrolled in the payment plan.

How to Pay Tuition Bills

The University Cashier's Office does not accept credit or debit card payments; however, our online Tuition Payment Portal is associated with a third-party vendor to process Discover, VISA, American Express, and MasterCard payments with a non-refundable 2.85% service fee. The fee will appear as a separate charge on your credit card billing statement.


eCheck is the most convenient payment option and there is no additional charge to use this method.  Any U.S. checking or savings account, provided your bank participates in the Automated Clearinghouse Network, can be used.

Simply provide the routing and account number of your paper check and the amount you wish to pay. eChecks allow you to pay online through our Tuition Payment Portal.

Cash or check payments can be taken in person to the Cashier's Office. Please mail check payments to the address below and indicate your nine-digit student ID number on the check.

Mail Payments:
Duquesne University
Attn: Cashier’s Office
600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15282

International Payments

Flywire accepts payments from any country - typically in your home currency. Flywire transfer secures wholesale foreign exchange rates, which are significantly lower than rates offered by traditional banks.

To make a payment via Flywire, log into DORI - Tuition Payment Portal - Access Tuition Payment Portal

Once in the Payment Portal click "Make Payment", select the term, and add the desired amount to your basket. When prompted for a method of payment, select Flywire. 

  • Once you initiate payment you will receive detailed instructions on how to transfer funds.
  • Flywire will keep you informed at every step in the process, including when funds reach your student account.

Payments are posted to your student account much more quickly than they would be if you were using a regular bank to pay. And you can be assured that you will never have a short payment due to unexpected transfer fees or bank charges.


FAQ Cash Receipt and Deposits

In order to record a cash receipt, the department must fill out a form called a CR-1 and bring the completed form along with the checks/ cash/ credit cards to the Cashiers Office. 

If there is cash, one of the Cashiers will count the cash in front of you to verify the amount. Once the CR-1 is verified by one of the Cashier's, a copy of the CR-1 with the receipt number recorded on the bottom will be emailed directly to the department.

Effective July 1, 2014, the Cashier's Office will be implementing the Banner Document Management System (BDMS) for Cash Receipt Forms (CR-1). Employees will no longer be required to keep a copy of checks on file. BDMS will allow Business Managers (or employees) authorized via fund/organization security in Banner to:

  • View actual deposits attached to transactions; and
  • Access scanned CR-1s along with a check(s).

Click here or follow the steps below:

  • Login to DORI   
  • Click on Staff (Working) Tab
  • Find the Forms Index box to browse forms and click on by Department
  • Scroll to Controller’s Office
  • Find Cashier’s Office and click on Cash Report – CR-1 (excel)

For the description, we need an explanation as to the reason for the deposit so we can make sure it is properly coded. 

For example reimbursement for overcharge of Office Depot invoice. (Please be descriptive).

No. You can have one line for all checks in total if they are going to the same FOAP. You can also split a check between multiple FOAPs as long as the total CR-1 matches the total checks/cash.
We need to be very careful about credit card numbers.  If you have a charge related to a CR-1, DO NOT put the credit card number on the CR-1. Call the Cashier's Office directly to discuss credit card payment options.  An eCommerce solution through Transact (CashNet) is the recommended processing for all credit card transactions.
  1. Gifts – the money should be sent to the Advancement Office (3rd Floor Administration Building). 
    They will deposit the check and record it in the ledger.
  2. Sponsorship – notify the Organizational Relations Office 
  3. Grant – Coordinate with Institutional Research to determine how the check should be deposited
Yes. If upon review, the Cashier's Office determines that the account needs to be changed on your CR-1, you will be notified by either an e-mail, or a phone call, or it will be marked on the CR-1 that is emailed back to you after it is processed.

To determine whether to use a revenue account or expense account on your CR-1, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

  1.  Is this a payment for workbooks, handouts, or materials given out in a class?

    •  YES – all classroom instructional material should be sold through the Barnes & Noble Bookstore per our contract with Barnes & Noble.  Selling this type of material is a violation of our contract.  Please contact the Barnes & Noble Store Manager, about selling these materials in the Bookstore.

    •  NO – See Question #2.
  2.  Is the cash receipt a payment to attend/ participate in an event or activity on Campus? 
    For example, the check is a fee to attend a workshop or seminar within a School or to attend an on-campus event such as Homecoming or Freshman Weekend.

    • YES – the cash receipt is coded to a revenue account (please see Appendix A for a list of revenue accounts).

    • NO – see Question #3.
  3.  Is the cash receipt from a “customer” (students, outside companies, other Colleges, and Universities) for a good or service?  Some examples would be lab coats, uniforms, name tags, totes, and PDAs.

    • YES – the cash receipt is coded to a revenue account (please see Appendix A for a list of revenue accounts).

    • NO – these types of receipts are considered expense reimbursement and can be coded to an expense account.  You must use the account where the original expense was charged. 
    An example would be the University coordinating student travel for Spring Break.  The Airline is selling the tickets, not DU so this can then be deposited to the expense account where the charge from the airline was expensed.
The University is trying to make sure that we properly record all transactions in the right classification (revenue and expense).  Also, this is a good way of segregating this type of activity for better reporting so the activity is not co-mingled within the expense account.
Yes, you will not lose this money. Every month, Budgeting will increase your Non-Labor budget based on the amount deposited into the miscellaneous income accounts.  If you would like to see the increase in the Non-Labor budget sooner, you can e-mail budgetFREEDUQUESNE and they will process the increase.

Please contact Malika Faulkner at 412-396-6595 or faulknermFREEDUQUESNE.

Appendix A

Below is a list of Miscellaneous Revenue accounts that can be used for deposits on a CR-1.  If you already have a revenue account budgeting within your Operating Budget for this activity, please use the account in your budget.

(The bold accounts are the most popular accounts used).

Account Title
580110 Study Abroad Id's
580120 Health Service Fee
580140 Library Income
580150 Office Services
580160 Printing Income
580170 Telephones
580180 Conf Fee-Univ Events
580200  Student Events
580210  I.D. Services
580280 Royalties
580330 Italian Camp Misc Inc
580340 Miscellaneous Inc
580420 Job Fair Income
580430 College Fair Income
580440 Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Fee
580450 Speech Pathology Clinic Fees
580470 Misc Law School Income
580470 Law School Forfeited Deposits
580480 Corporate Sponsorships
580490 PA Foreign Language Conference
580500 DU Card Replacement Fee
580510 Commission on Crime & Delinquency
580520 Forums & Conferences
580530 Workshops
580550 Advertisement Booklet
580560 Ticket Sales
580570 Conferences - Guests
580580 Raffle Sales
580590 Sales of Instructional Supplies
580600 Honorarium Revenue
580610 Fundraising Revenue
580620 Merchandise Sales
580630 Performance Revenue
580640 Reading Clinic Fees
580670 Freshman Development Revenue
580710 Personal Training Revenue
580720 Exam Fees

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