Faculty in the Ph.D. program in Rehabilitation Science are considered program faculty or graduate faculty.

Program Faculty Responsibilities

The program faculty have principal scholarly interests that are directly related to orthopedics and/or clinical biomechanics. They may serve as faculty advisors, dissertation chairpersons as well as program and dissertation committee members.

Program Faculty

Benjamin R. Kivlan, PhD, PT, SCS, OCS, CSCS

RobRoy Martin, PhD, PT, CSCS

Jason S. Scibek, PhD, ATC

Kimberly A. Szucs, PhD, OTR/L

Graduate Faculty Responsibilities

Graduate faculty have scholarly interests that are related to orthopedics and/or clinical biomechanics although this area is not their chief focus. They may serve on program and dissertation committees. With the approval from the rehabilitation science Ph.D. curriculum committee they may serve as faculty advisors and/or dissertation chairs.

Graduate Faculty

Anne E. Burrows, PhD, DPT

Gregory F. Marchetti, PhD, PT

Paula Sammarone Turocy, EdD, ATC