The B.A. in English at Duquesne University provides an outstanding education in the liberal arts. Literary study, composition, and research skills are the bedrock of academic and professional excellence. As a student,  you have the flexibility to craft your degree around your personal and professional interests.

Aside from a major and minor in English, our undergraduate department also offers:

Upon graduation, students are prepared for a variety of career paths. Our students have gone on to:

  • Attend Law School
  • Attend Masters Programs in English and Creative Writing
  • Work in the Private Sector
  • Work for Non-Profits

As an English major at Duquesne, you will not only have the pleasure of engaging with a wide variety of literary texts and the satisfaction of meeting the rigorous intellectual challenges found in our coursework. You will also be preparing for your future in the workplace.

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John Fried

Associate Professor