Thank You Preceptors!

Please review the information below and reach out to Amy%20Woods%2C%20Pharm.D., Assistant Director of Experiential Education, with any questions!

Preceptors Of The Year

2022 Carmen Ramanna, Pharm.D.
Darlene Schreiber, R.Ph.
Harold Kolonich, Pharm.D.
Jacob Sebastiao, Pharm.D.
2021 Alfred Adam L'Altrelli, Pharm.D.
Michael Sekhon, Pharm.D.
Edward A. DeCaria, R.Ph.
Kathryn Rybak, Pharm.D.
2020 Lauren Finoli, Pharm.D.
Steven Ganchuk, Pharm.D.
Adam James, Pharm.D.

Preceptor Portal

*Please Watch The Video Below And Download The Slides To Review At Your Convenience*

Office of Experiential Education Preceptor Orientation Video

Office of Experiential Education Preceptor Orientation Slides

*Please review the slides below for foundational information regarding precepting techniques*

Providing a Positive Learning Experience when Precepting Student Pharmacists Slides

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The Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process (PPCP) has been incorporated into several IPPE and APPE assignments. Please view the four-minute video below to learn more about PPCP.

Watch Here