Embark on an intellectually stimulating journey with our Bachelor of Arts in Physics program. This comprehensive program offers a dynamic curriculum designed to equip students with a strong foundation in physics while fostering a liberal arts education.

As a student pursuing a BA in Physics, you will delve into a wide range of scientific principles, from classical mechanics to quantum mechanics, from thermodynamics to electromagnetism. Our carefully crafted physics curriculum is designed to provide a well-rounded understanding of the discipline and prepare you for a diverse range of career prospects in the field.

Immerse yourself in an array of captivating physics courses that cover topics such as mathematical physics, optics, particle physics, and astrophysics. Through engaging lectures, hands-on laboratory experiments, and interactive discussions, you will develop a deep understanding of fundamental concepts and acquire essential physics skills.

Our program emphasizes the integration of a liberal arts education with physics education, fostering critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and effective communication skills. This unique approach equips you with a broad perspective, allowing you to explore interdisciplinary connections and excel in various career pathways beyond traditional physics fields.

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Program Information

The Bachelor of Arts in Physics serves as an excellent foundation for research and development, education, engineering, data analysis, scientific journalism, and graduate studies in physics or related fields.

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Hear From An Alum

Louise Ferris

"I was able to participate in a SULI experience at Los Alamos National Laboratory, which opened doors for me for graduate school and beyond. I also received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, which was something I never would've been able to dream of without the opportunities Duquesne gave me."

Louise Ferris BA Physics, '21

Prepared For Anything

Hear From A Student

Join our vibrant community of passionate learners, dedicated faculty, and accomplished alumni who have excelled in various physics-related domains. Unleash your potential, develop a deep appreciation for the wonders of physics, and embark on a rewarding journey that will shape your future.

Graduate Education

With a BA in Physics, you will be well-prepared to pursue an array of physics-related career prospects. Our program opens doors to exciting job opportunities where your physics skills and scientific knowledge are in high demand. Whether you aspire to delve deeper into theoretical physics, astrophysics, or explore advanced research opportunities, our program will equip you with the necessary tools to pursue further academic endeavors. 


Suggested Course Sequence

This is the suggested course sequence for the Bachelor of Arts in Physics degree program.

Undergraduate research is highly encouraged. Our department recognizes the value of research and the significant contributions it can make to the scientific community. Therefore, we provide ample opportunities for students to engage in research projects.

Fall Semester (16 credits) 
  • PHYS 221 + 221L Physics I - Mechanics + lab (5 cr)
  • EQ XXX Essential Questions Seminar (3 cr)
  • MATH 115 Calculus I (4 cr)
  • BRDG 101 Writing and Analysis (3 cr)
  • BRDG 100 Research & Info Skills (1 cr)

Spring Semester (17 credits) 
  • PHYS 222 + 222L Physics II - Electromagnetism + lab (5 cr)
  • CHEM 121 + 121L Chemistry I+ lab (may take in Fall) (5 cr)
  • COSC 150/160/170 Programming (3 cr)
  • MATH 116 Calculus II (4 cr)
Fall Semester (14 credits) 
  • PHYS 302 Optics (3 cr)
  • PHYS 312 Optics Lab (1 cr)
  • MATH 310 Linear Algebra (3 cr)
  • MATH 215 Calculus III (4 cr)
  • BRDG 105 Intro to Ethical Reasoning (3 cr)

Spring Semester (15 credits) 
  • Experiential Learning (PHYS 340 UG research recommended) (1 cr)
  • MATH 314 Differential Equations (3 cr)
  • PHYS 374 Modern Physics (3 cr)
  • CHEM 122 + 122L Chemistry II + lab (3 cr)
  • General Elective (3 cr)
Fall Semester (16 credits) 
  • Physics Elective (4 cr)
  • Physics Elective (3 cr)
  • Bridges course - Cultural Fluency (3 cr)
  • Bridges course - Social & Historical Reasoning (3 cr)
  • MATH 301 Prob & Stats or General Elective (3 cr)

Spring Semester (13 credits) 
  • PHYS 105 Career Seminar (1 cr)
  • PHYS ____ Physics Elective (3 cr)
  • General Elective (3 cr)
  • BRDG 102 Writing and Literature (3 cr)
  • General Elective or MATH 308 Numerical Analysis (3 cr)
Fall Semester (15 credits)
  • Physics Elective (3 cr)
  • Bridges course - Ethical Reasoning (3 cr)
  • ENGL 302W Scientific Writing (3 cr)
  • General Elective (3 cr)
  • General Elective (Theology/Philosophy as needed) (3 cr)

Spring Semester (14 credits) 
  • PHYS 464 Advanced Lab (capstone) (2 cr)
  • Physics Elective (3 cr)
  • General Elective (3 cr)
  • General Elective (3 cr)
  • Bridges course - Critical Thinking (3 cr)
  • PHYS 332 Electronics (3 cr)
  • PHYS 350 Math Methods in Physics (3 cr) 
  • PHYS 401 Thermal Physics (4 cr)
  • PHYS 404 Solid State Physics (3 cr)
  • PHYS 405 Gravitational Astrophysics (3 cr)
  • PHYS 461 Mechanics (4 cr) 
  • PHYS 470 Electricity and Magnetism (3 cr)
  • PHYS 473 Electrodynamics (3 cr)
  • PHYS 474 Quantum Mechanics (3 cr)
  • PHYS 475 Advanced Quantum Mechanics (3 cr)
  • PHYS 482W Particle Physics (3 cr)
  • PHYS 485 Relativity (3 cr)
  • PHYS 491 Introductory Materials Science I (3 cr)
  • PHYS 502 Adv Optical Theory and Devices (3 cr)

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